Guy Robert 1544 of Long Clawson Will

Robert Guy of Long Clawson 1544 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1544/58

In dei Noie amen The viii day of January & the xxxviii yeare of the Reigne of oure most drede Soveraigne lord Henry theyght By the grace of god of Yngland France & Yreland kinge defender of the faith & In arth Imedyatly under god the supreme head of the church of Yngland & Yreland & In the yeare of oure lord god mdxliiii I Robert Gye seke In Body & of hole mynde & memorye doe make my last wyll & Testament after thys maner foloyng

Fyrst I Bequeth my soule to almyghty god & to oure lady saynte Mary & to all the holy company of heven & my body to be bureyd In the church of Saynt Remyge of Claxton

It I Bequeth to the hygh auter of the same church xiid

It to the mother church of Lyncolne iiiid

It I to Be buryed In church vis viiid

It I Bequeth To Wyllm Gye my sone the … of my ferme & the hole tytyll & … that I have therein

It the hole crope on the ground when yt shall be … at Myhelmas

It to the foresayd Wyllm vi oxen viii horses & the plowghe wyth all the gere Belonging thereto

It the carte & the wane

It I Bequeth to my daughter Elsabeth iiii kye & ii Bullocks

It I bequeth to Edward Gye & Thomas my sons ether of them iiii li In money or In catell & thys payment to be delyvered & payde By my sone Wyllm or hys assynes or Executors at the day of there marege

It I Bequeth to my daughter Elsabeth her mothers Beyst gone & beyst kyrtyll a sylver … gyrdyll & a payre of …

It I Bequeth to Elsabeth my daughter iii Brasse pottes & ii brasse panes of the beyst iiii payre of flaxen shetes iii payre of harden shetes

It the Resedue of my goodes all unbequeth my dettes & legacyes fynyshyd & payde I Geve & bequeth To Wyllm my sone the wych foresayd Wyllm & Thomas hys brother I ordene & make Executors of thys my last wyll & Testament to sey yt executed & performed accordyng to the tenure hereof as they wyll make answere another day Before god & their …

It I ordene Edward Byard sole Supervisor of thys my last wyll & Testament to sey yt executed & performyd accordyng to the hereof

His Testiba

Lauras Mayret

George Malver [?]

John Saxe

Inventorie omni Bonori Robert Gye In parochia de Claxton

Inpris v horses iiii mares & ii fowles the prycevii li
It iiii oxen iiii li
It vi steyresiii li
It xiii kye & a Bullix li vis viiid
It vi calvesxxiiiis
It x shepexxs
It viii swyneviis
It iii gysexiid
It viii dockysxiiiid
It ix henysxviiid
It a cartexiiis iiiid
It iiii youkys iiii teymes & ii plowysvis viiid
It ii hovels & iii harowysvis viiid
It the crope of wheate & rye in the feldiiii li
It vi quarters of peaceiii li
It ii of Barleyxxs
It all householde stuffeiii li vis viiid
Suma Totalsxxxviii li
… that these are the dettes that I Robert Gye howys 
Impris To John Mowers chyldrenxls
It To Edwarde Byard of Claxtonxxs
It for a halfe yearys Rentii li vis xliiid
It To Elzabeth Pyneiiiis
Suma Totalsvli xiiiis