Guy Richard 1638 of Long Clawson inventory

Richard Guy of Long Clawson 1638 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/40/155

A true Inventorie of all the goods and Chattells of Richard Guy of Claxton in the Countie of Leic yeoman lately deceased make and approved by Thomas Hickling Richard Hickling Robert Knott and John Wilcox of Claxton aforesaid yeomen the 29th day of August Annoq dni 1638

  li s d
Impr his purse and apparell iii vi viii
Itm 9 paire of flaxen sheetes vi xv 0
Itm 5 paire of hempen and harden sheets ii 0 0
Itm two tables clothes a piece of hempen cloth six flaxen napkins six pillowbeares ii iii 0
Itm foure paire more of harden sheetes i xii 0
Itm eight Coverlidds for bedds v 0 0
Itm three blancketts i 0 0
Itm one feather bed, six boulsters, eight feather pillowes, and foure matrices viii 0 0
Itm two trusse bedstedds and three other bedstedds iii 0 0
Itm one matt for a bed, five Chesses, on Coffer, one presse, one woollen wheele,      
two lynen wheeles ii xv 0
Itm foureteene pownds of woollen yarne and foure and twentie pownds of      
colloured wooll ii 0 0
Itm one cheese racke, two skepps 0 v 0
Itm one table and a frame in the howse, three other tables, foure formes,      
foure tressells, three barrells, foure tubbs, three peales, two wooden botles,      
one churne, one … a cheese presse iiii x 0
Itm one saltinge trough & shelves 0 xiii iiii
Itm one Cubbard & three chaires 1 vi 0
Itm three brasse potts, five brasse panes, and other peices of brasse iiii 0 0
Itm severall peices of pewter ii 0 0
Itm butter and cheese in the howse ii 0 0
Itm nine horses and mares 40 0 0
Itm seaven cowes 22 0 0
Itm three heyfers 09 0 0
Itm one steere and heifer and three yearelyn calves v 0 0
Itm three score and foureteene sheepe 26 0 0
Itm foure swine hogges ii 13 4
Itm hey in the barne and on the hovells xx 0 0
Itm wheate, rie, barley and oates 40 0 0
Itm peaze and beans 14 0 0
Itm for carts, carriages and cart geeres 06 0 0
Itm plowes, plow tymber, plow geeres 01 x 0
Itm two harrowes 00 x 0
Itm foure loades of plaster, oaken wood ii x 0
Itm hovel tymber, old wood, three leathers ii x 0
Itm two sithes, stuble & foure loades of coles ii x 0
Itm fleakes and shipp cribbes 1 x 0
Itm pullen, fire iron, brand iron, pott hingers, shovel, tongues, & other      
implements forgotten 1 x 0
                                                                                            Summa tot 249 ix iiii

The marke of John Wilcox

Thomas Hicklinge

Robart Knott

Richard Hicklinge