Guy Hugh 1532 of Long Clawson Will

Hugh Guy of Long Clawson 1532 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/251

In the name of God Amen the xvi day of September I the yere of our lord god mccccxxxii I Hew Gye of Claxton beyng of good & holl mynd laude be unto allmyghti god make and ordyn thys my last wyll & testament thee in Contenyde

Firste I bequethe my soll to almyghty god maker & my redemer to hyes mother Sante Marey vyrgyn and to all the Company of heyvyn & my body to be buryed in the Church yeard of Sante Rimigy of Claxton

Itm the … to the hey alter of the same churche for offeryngs & tythyngs by me neclygenly forgotten iff any suche be ix beaste with the vicar wyll take & I Bequethe to the hey alt for my wyffe viiid

It to our Lord Lady of Lincoln iiiid

Itm to the Belle & to the sepulture xvid

Itm to our Ladye iiiid

Itm I bequethe to William my Son my wayn & ii oxson & ii kyne & he to be made in the holle worthe xx nobulle and to be att mayst vicar ordaring to make hem a preyste and he wyll or else to putte heyme to a craft wyche he thynkk yt beste for hem

Itm I bequethe to Robt my brother my blue Jakytt and a quart of corne

Itm to John my keper a blake … and a …

It I beqethe to Agnes my seyster to keype my daughter Anne vi quarters of corne

It I bequethe to WillmHowyster ii steres

It I beqethe to my gostly … … William ii trentals for to syng for me & my wyffe

The resedu of my goods undyposeyd to be att the order of my executors for the profeytt of my childeere

And I ordyn & make … vicar & John Gyee my Brother my executors to performe this my Wyll as they wyl answere before God … … Willm Newarke Ric Mower Willm Howse John … … …