Grove John 1619 of Harby will

John Grove of Harby 1619 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1619/130

In the name of god Amen I John Grove of Harby in the County of Leicester husbandman being sicke in bodye but of perfecte memorye thanks be to god do constitute and make this my laste will and testaments in manner and forme following viz that is to saye

Firste I give my Soule unto allmighty god my maker hopeinge to be saved by the merritts and death of Jesus Christe my saviour and my Body to be buried in the Church yard of Harbye aforesayd

Item I give and bequeathe to the foure Children of Helen Grove of Grantham widdow that were the Children of James Grove deceased the third parte of my goods to be paid to them one yeare after my decease whereof foure pounds to John Grove and the reste to be equallye devided to the other three children

Item I give unto Margarett my welbeloved wife the thirde parte of my goods

Item I give and bequeath unto the five Children of Richard Armestorm of Knipton the third part of my goods to be equally devided amongst them within one yeare after my deacease

Item I give unto Alce Armestorm my daughter xiid

Item I give unto Helen Grove of Grantham xiid

Item I give unto Alce Bramble the wife of Thomas Bramble xiid

Item I give and bequeathe unto the two Children of Joel … to eache of them a lamb hodge

Furthermore I constitute appoynte Authorise and make my welbeloved wife and Richard Armstorme of Knipton full executors of this my laste will and testament to se my goods equally devided and by body broughte to the grounde and my funirall expenses discharged according to the trewe intente and meaninge of this my laste will and testament

In wittnesse whereof I the foresayd John Grove have putt my hande the thirde of Januarye in the sevententhe yeare of the Raigne of Kinge James of England France and Ireland and of Scotland the three and fiftythe defender of the faythe &c 1619

Memorande debts owing to me the foresayd John Grove

Imprimis William Leeson of Claxton xl to be payd at Candlemas next Cominge

Item James Kempe Hoose foure pounds and one … of C…les at Martenmas next

Ite Simon Weste forthye shillinge

The debt which I John Grove do owe to Elizabeth Dubledaye my daughter in lawe 3l 8s 8d


Mathew Markham

Henry Dawledye

Probate 9 February 1619/20 to Richard Armeston and Margaret Grove