Greenwood Ambrose 1633 of Statherne will

Ambrose Greenwood of Statherne 1633 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1633/14

In the name of god Amen The seaventeenth daie of March in the yeare of our Lord god one thousand sixe hundred thirtie & two I Ambrose Greenewood of Statherne in the countie of Leicester gent: sicke in bodie but of perfect memorie praysed be god, doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almightie god my Creator, and my bodie to be buried in the Church of Stathern aforesaide

I give and bequeath unto my sonne George Greenewood five pounds of current English money

Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonne Thomas Greenewood five pounds of currant English money

Item all the rest of my goods and Chattells not bequeathed nor given, I give unto Jane Greenewood my wife whom I doe make sole executrix of this my last will and testament

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my marke the daie and yeare first above written

                                                                                                         Ambrose Greenewood his marke

Witnesses of the reading and publishing of this will

James Brough

Roger Wilson

James Harwold his marke


A true and perfecte Inventorie of all the goods & chattels which did pertaine unto Ambrose Greenewood late of Stathorne in the Countie of Leicester gent deced prized the 29 daie of March 1633 by three discreete men viz James Rouse Willm Caunt & Roger Wilson as followeth

Imprimis his purse apparrell and girdle 10 li
Item a bedstead in the best chamber with 2 featherbed a boulster a Rugg two payre of  
blankets a mattrisse and two pillowes 3 li 6s 8d
Item Curtaines and a vallance belonging to the same bed with Curtaine roddes 13s 4d
Item 4 Chayres 10 covered buffett stooles 6s 8d
Item a Lyverie Cubboord & a little square table 13s 4d
Item a trunke 3 Chestes a little deske & a band boxe 30s
Item Curtaines & vallance with & bedhilling 40s
Item halfe a doozen Carpetts 16s
Item in the best chamber 8 payre of flaxen sheetes 4 paire of hempin sheets  
9 pillowbeeres halfe a dozen of table clothes 3 doozen of napkins a Liverie Cubboord and a  
table cloth 4 li 10s
Item one old broken warming panne 2s
Item a Bason and Ure 5s
Item 2 flaggens 2 little pewder Cupps 4 salts three pewder candlesticks 2 plate candlesticks  
20 pewder dishes 2 pewder basons 3 pewder chamber pottes 3 porringers 7 little sawcers  
a dredging boxe 2 little plates & one bigger plate 40s
Item 3 silver spoones 12s
Item 5 doozen of trenchers wooden dishes and a little boxe 2s
Item in the Laides chamber a Liverie Cubboord and a bedstead with the bedding to it 20s
Item in another chamber an old bedsteade with bedding to it an old presse 2 Chestes with  
another old bedstead Bacon & all other provision with all other old implements in the same  
chamber 3 li
Item all the Corne in the Chambers 3 li
Item 3 trestles 3 tubbs 2 cheesehecke a bowe and paire of blades with all other implements  
in the same roome 5s
Item in the parlour one trundle bed with furniture belonging to it a table with a frame a  
Cradle five buffett stooles a Liverie Cubboord a chayre a glasse Case and five wheeles 3 li 10s
Item 3 barrells a firkin an old Cubbooord an old hoggesheade 2 frying pannes 4 leather  
Cattells a Lantherne with all other implements in the Butterie 20s
Item in a little parlour one bedstead one kimnell 2 oatemeale skepps with oatemeal in them  
with all other implements in the same roome 20s
Item 3 tables in the hall 4 trestles a little frame one buffett fourme 4 buffett stooles  
3 benches 2 little Cubboords by the fyre with some things in them 30s
Item woollen yarne hempen yarne & a little piece of Cloth at the walker 20s
Item all the Iron about the fyre belonging to the hall 3s 4d
Item all the things in the dairie 6s 8d
Item a brewing Leade with all brewing vessel to it a paire of malt quernes a paire of mustard  
quernes a cheese presse with all other Implements in the kitchin 56s
Item a payre of Racks a paire of small Cobirons 3 spittes an Iron peele a dripping panne  
a brandiron with all other implements in a little house 20s
Item all the plough timber 10s
Item all the brasse 50s
Item all the horses mares & foules 13 li
Item a yoke of bullockes & 2 stayres 11 li 13s 4d
Item all the kine and Calves 12 li
Item all the sheepe 20 li
Item all the swine about the yeard 3 li 10s
Item Turkeies and pullen 5s
Item pease on the hovell & hay on a hovell & straw in the barne 40s
Item the Cart and Cart gaires plough and plough gaires two old waynes with some pieces  
of wood hovels and hovell propps pales Leathers harrowes yoakes & teams 12 li
Item a Trie a haireclothe a windowcloth sacks skuttles sives hopper a strike a pecke a halfe  
pecke 20s
Item the Cropp on the ground sowne and to be sowne with meadow teathering grasse and  
commons 24 li
Item all the maynour in the yeard 20s
Item an axe & a hatchett with all other things about the house & yeard not known nor  
remembered 5s
                                  Suma totalis cxlxii li  

Probate 8 April 1633