Gray Robert 1545 of Harby Will

Robert Gray of Harby 1545 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1545/52

In the name of god Amen the xxv daye of September the yeare of our lorde mdxlv I Robert Graye of Hardbye hole of mynde and Remembrans make my last Wyll and testament in manner and forme folowynge

Fyrste I bequethe my soull to god almyghtye to our ladye saynct Marye and to all the holye comanye in heaven and my bodye to be buryede in the churche yarde of Hardbye

Also I bequethe to every one of my chyldren a yearlynge calfe

Also to Sir xpofer Bardsaye iiiid

Itm to Alic Caunte a quy calfe

The resydue of my goods nott bequyethed I gyve and bequyethe theme to my Wyffe and yf that she doo lyve and yf that she dye or anye thynge cume to her butt gud thane I make my brother Robert Cowper my executor to despose my goods to the behofe of my chyldren

Thes beynge Wytnessys

Sir xpofer Bardsaye

Jhone Gray…

Rychart Hollybanke with other mo

This the Inventori of the goods of Robart Graye of Hardbye preasyd at the sighth Thomas Dubbeldaye Wyllm Dove Thomas Kyme Robart Myller Wyllm Burden Wyllm Porttere

Inprimis a karte a wayne and geresxs
Itm ii oxenxxxs
Itm iii kyexxxiis
Itm ii yerllyngne calvsviiis
Itm ii wedder sheppeiiiis
Itm iii swyneviiis
Itm on sowe and pygiis
Itm ii mars and a coltexxxiiiis
Itm a hovell of peason and barlyexiiis iiiid
Itm a heye stakexiis
Itm in the barne heye and wheate and barlyexxxs
Itm in monyexiiiis iid
Itm ii potts and iii pannes and othere hosshold stuffxxs
Itm the wheat that ys sowynnexiiis iiiid
Sum totalisxi li xs xd