Grantham Canal – Galleries


Some of these galleries are very large but each one contains a variety of images of the Canal, the Wharf & the Basin parts of the village – we hope that you enjoy flicking through them or dipping in and out.

We welcome any photographs that you would like to add – please contact us.

(please note: images are free to use for personal and non-commercial purposes – please contact us for business use. The quality of photographs is reduced to make them more accessible on the website; if you would like a full quality copy of any of the images, please contact us.)

Grantham Canal – highlights from galleries 1990-2022:

(to follow)

Hickling Wharf Building and Basin (highlights):

Black Cat helps the fishermen:

The Grantham Canal: 1990-2008

2006: 38 resident swans

The Grantham Canal: 2009

The Grantham Canal: 2010

The Grantham Canal: 2011-2017

The Grantham Canal: 2018

The Grantham Canal: 2019

The Grantham Canal: 2020 (the lockdown year)

2020: January – June

2020: July – December