Goodwin Thomas 1558 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Goodwin of Long Clawson 1558 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1558

The Will has small holes, is faded and possibly water damaged

In the name of god Amen the xix day of October in the yeare of our Lord god 1558 I Thomas Goodwyn [small hole] and Vycar of Claxton being seke in body and holle & perfecte of rememberance praysed be god [small hole] I make thys my laste wyl & testament in forme & maner as herre after followeth

Fyrst I bequethe my sole to almyghty god my maker and redemer & to the blessed virgen Mary and to all the company of heaven & my body to be buryed in the churche or churche yarde of Saynte Remygius of Claxton

Imprimis I gyve to our lady of Lyncolne vid

Itm I gyve to the churche of Claxton vs

Itm I gyve unto Xpofer [?] Goodwyn my best gowne & my best jacket & xxs of mony

Itm I gyve unto my brother Robert Goodwyn x shepe

Itm I gyve to An Goodwyn his Daughter x shepe & …

Itm I gyve unto Charles … a yoke of bullocks x shepe in recompence of suche … unto hyme

Itm I gyve unto Alys hys daughter a brown heffer & x hogge

Itm I gyve unto George Mosse x shepe & a stone of wolle in part of payment for hys … that the Vycar of Housse did … upon hym

Itm I gyve unto Elsabeth Robeson vi shepe

Itm I gyve unto Jhon Robeson vi shepe

Itm I gyve unto Margrett … vi shepe

Itm I gyve unto Robart Goodwyn i shepe

Itm I gyve unto Roger Goodwyn i shepe

Itm I gyve unto Rychard Frances i shepe

Itm I gyve to every one of my god children iiiid

Itm I gyve unto Sir Wyllm More my velvet nyght cape

Itm I gyve unto Sir Nicolas hys greater lorde & hys vis iid whyche I had of [small hole]

Itm I gyve unto the parson of Broughton my sattayne nyght cape

Itm I gyve unto Xpofer Goodwyn my … … & my … cape

Itm I gyve the reste of all my goodes mouvable & unmouvable unbequethed unto Wyllm Robyson & … hys wyffe

Itm I orden and make Wyllm Robyson full executor of thys my last wyll and he to se it truly performed & fulfilled … god that gyve hym grace … that thys is my last wyll

Wyllm Gay Robart More George More Nycolas Barber with many other men

This is the inventori of all suche goodes … were Thomas Goodwyne Vycar of Claxton layltely departed praysed by thes iii men Wyllm Gay Robart More Rychart Bayard

  £ s d
Imprimis … horses v    
Itm ix bestes vi xiii iiii
Itm xii scorre shepee xiiii    
Itm a wayne … … yoke …   [Disappeared in a fold]  
Itm the ploughes yokes &r rayines with a … harrows x    
Itm all marer plough tembers x    
Itm the tember of iii hovelles & all other of offal wod belonging to the yarde   xvi  
Itm xviii swine   xxx viii
Itm xx quarters of corne ii    
Itm the pullin   iii iiii
Itm … gyse     xx
Itm the …   iii iiii
Itm ii sythes ii picforkes   ii  
Itm xx stone of wolle iiii    
Itm tayble 6 formes chaires   [Disappeared in a fold]  
Itm … with cubbartte with other geare of irne pertaynyg to the fyer   iii  
Itm ix chargers xi porygers ii pewter dyshes v saysers   xxi  
Itm ii candelstykes & brazen morter    
Itm chaffen dyshes   iiii  
Itm iii byttelles ii brassen pottes   vii  
Itm a parre of quernes …   viii  
Itm ii bedlbyllyngs iii coverlatts & ii blankets   xiii viii
[Disappeared in fold]  iii blosters iii pyllowes   xxiii  
Itm iiii bedstandyngs   x  
Itm A arke   iiii  
Itm A knedyng trough vi tubbes iii byttes with bowles dyshes   x  
Itm A lader   iii iiii
Itm A Gelle harness   vi viii
Itm A … clothes   v  
Itm iii gownes ii Jackettes and A dublett x   vi
                                                                                                      Sma Totalis liiii xiiii