Goodbourn Mary 1814 of Nether Broughton will

Mary Goodbern of Nether Broughton 1814 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1814/93

In the Name of God Amen This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Goodbern of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester Spinster That is to say

I give and bequeath All my Goods Chattles Ready Money securities for Money and all my personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever (Subject to all my Just Debts and to the payment of my Funeral and Testamentary Expences) to my Brother Joseph Goodbern of Nether Broughton for the Use and Benefit of my Mother Alice Goodbern to prevent her being in Want dureing her Life time.  In case any Such wants or need may Require of my Said Brother Joseph Goodbern.  First the Interest as long as it may prevent her from any Want whatever, Secondly should the Interest not be Sufficient for her dureing her Life time I further Wish and request my Brother Joseph Goodbern to relieve her out of the Property or Principal Left as far as her Need requires Dureing her Life time Thirdly in case my Mother Should only need the Interest with any part of the Principal Then the remaining part or Principal left at the Death of my Mother to be devided as follows

Should the Whole of the Principal remain untouched at the Death of my Mother It is my Wish that my Brother Jos Goodbern should pay to my Sister Ann Bamford Twenty Pounds in Case any thing Should Happen to the said Ann Bamford before the time for the money to be paid to her Children equally alike

Likewise to my Brother Thos Goodbern Ten pounds also the Ten Pounds left by my Father (for him to pay to me) making in the Whole Twenty Pounds to him or his Children should any thing happen before the time such as Death 

Also to my Sister Eliz. Goodbern Forty Pounds to be paid by my Brother Jos Goodbern if in Case she should Survive the time if not to be equally devided Amongst the rest share & share alike

Likewise to my Brother John Goodbern Twenty Pounds to be paid by my Brother Jos Goodbern to him and his Children lso Twenty Pounds to my Sister Sarah James in case any thing happen to her before the time then to be paid to the Children

If in case my Mother Alice Goodbern Should require further relief than the Interest will Allow whatever more to be Given out of the Principal and to be deducted out of every Ones Share Proportionable alike let it be whatever it may more or less

In Case any dispute should Arise betwixt my Brother Jos Goodbern my Executrix and any of my Brothers or Sisters Aforesaid Mentioned or my Mother Alice Goodbern with regard to her Wanting any thing further than the Interest as it is my Wish for her to have any part of the Principal or all if need requires I then Appoint my two Friends Rich. Hill & Jos. Bowley both of Nether Broughton aforesaid to See that every thing is done according to my Will and Wish and to Settle any disputes that my Arise

And I do hereby ratify and declare this to be my last Will and testament

In Witness whereof I the said Mary Goodbern have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this Eleventh day of July one Thousand Eight Hundred and fourteen

                                                                                                         Mary Goodbern

Signed sealed published and declared by the Within Named Mary Goodbern the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of Us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have Subscribed our Names as Witness to the due Execution thereof

… …

Thos Gill

December 20th 1814

Let a Probat be made to Joseph Goodbern of Nether Broughton Labourer the Sole Executor according to the Tenor of the within written Will

He being duly sworn as well to the faithful Execution of the will as that the testatrix’s Goods, Chattels and Credits as they were at her death (which happened August 27th 1814) without deducting any debts owing by her therefrom did not amount in value to the sum of Two hundred pounds

                                                                                                         Before me Tho: Ford Surrogate

Same day probat passed the seal

Wm Harrison Depy Regr