Goodacre Richard 1727 of Long Clawson will

Richard Goodacary of Long Clawson 1727 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1726

In the name of god Amen this 22 day of February 1727 I Richard goodacary of claxton Allis Loung clawson in the county of Leicester youman Acording to computashon of the Church of England I hear make and ordane my Last will and testament in maner and forme as folas

First I give my Body to the Earth from whence itt came secondly I give my sole to god from whence itt came and as for my worldle goods and chattill I Dispose as follows

First I give to my son John one halfe of my house and halfe my orchard and the Loung close westward paying to my Daughters Elizabeth and Mary or paying to thear ares or asines the sum of Twenty foure pounds to be Equele Devidid be twixt them and If my son John Refuse to pay to my Daughters the said sum of mony then itt shall be Lawfull for them to Enter upon the said part of the homsted all so I give to my son John one shilling

Item I give to my sonse Richard Hart and Robard Jackson all my goods and chattill paying all my Debtes and finarall chargis making them my whole Excetors this being my Last Will and testement Revoking all others hear unto I sett my hand and seall

                                                                                                         Richard Goodacary His mark

In the preasenc of

Henry Marriot

William Parker

William Bealey

Probate 20 March 1726/7