Good William 1687 of Eaton Will

William Good of Eaton 1687 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1687/62

In the name of god Amen I William Good of Eaton in the County of Leicester yeaman though weake in Body yet perfect in memory and understandinge doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme as here followeth

First I bequeth my soule unto Allmighty god hopeinge by the merits of the death and passion of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and redeemer to obtaine the free pardon and forgivenesse of all my Sinnes and my Body to have the Christian and decent Buriall hopeinge to have a Joyfull resurrection in good due and appointed time to the injoyment of ever lastinge life and for my temprall estate and goods I despose of them as here in this my last [“will” missing] and Testament is exspressed

Imprimis first I beset my Sister Elizabeth Bennit forty Shillings to have after my decease

Item I give to my daughter Mary Good eighty pounds to have for her portion after my decease when shee comes to the age of one and twenty yeares

Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Good eighty pounds to have likewise when shee comes to the said age of one and twenty yeares

And it is my will and desire that these my two daughters shall bee brought up with meate drink and apparel with good education after my decease at the charge of my executor so long as hee makes use of theire portions

Item I Give to my Mother Tinsly twenty Shillings after my decease

Item I Give to my Brother Anthony Bennit ten Shillings after my decease and to his three Sonnes three ewes and lambs

Item I Give to the poore of the parrish of Eaton five Shillings

Item I Give to Bridget Sills of Branston five Shillings

Item it is my desire that all my household goods shall bee equally devided to my two daughters to goe sharers alike through out the goods excepting one Testor Bed in the house and all the furniture thereto belonginge and one great Joynted chest for my Sonne Anthony Good to have and it is my desire that if it please Allmighty god for any of these my three children should decease this mortal life that theire portions shall goe to the supervivor of them

And all the rest of my Goods moveable and also unmoveable cattells chattels whatsoever unbequeathed I give them all unto my Sonne Anthony Good whom I doe make Sole executor of this my last will and testament my debts and funarall expences dischardged

And lastly it is my will and desire that William Pilkinton Thomas Blanckly and Lennard Davey of Goadby shall be Feffees in trust for my children to take care and oversee all manner of Buisinesses needfull and necessary to bee don upon the said account untill they come to age them selves where upon I Give them the said feffees in trust evry one twenty Shillings a peese over and above their chardges and unto his my last will and Testament I have hereunto put to my hand and Seale

William Good

John Houldinge minister

Anthony Bennett

Robert Rouse his marke

Hellen Baley her marke


A trew and perfect invitory of all the goods chattells and cattell moveable and unmoveable of William Goods of Eaton in the County of Leicester yeaman lately deceased prised vallued & esteemed by us whose names are here under written dated the 21 day of May and in the yeare 1687

Imprimis first of all his purse and Apparrell500
In the house 2 fire Irons one pare of Froggs 2 rack Irons foure runninge hookes   
three hole hooks and 2 fire shovels one paire of tongues the pot hooks one spit   
one toasting Iron068
One wigged [sic] chaire and seaven other chaires one cubbard 2 tables 2 buffit   
formes and another litle forme one tester Bed & a trundle Bed234
In the deary the puter and Brasse vallued to the sume of3xi8
In the first chamber all the furniture contained there2130
In the 2 chamber with what therein contained vallued to2140
In the 3 chamber all the goods and furniture there068
In the 4 chamber with what thereunto belonginge prised334
2 peeses of new hempen cloath vallued to the sum of0169
Fifteen paire of sheetes vallued2136
Thirteen pillow bears vallued076
Eighteen napkins vallued to090
Three table cloathes vallued060
Two Stone of hempe vallued090
Three pillowes prised to016
Nine yeards of hempen cloath046
Three quarter and seaven strike of wheate rye and Barly and one quarter and   
foure strike of mault600
In the kitchen six tubs nine Barrells 2 churnes one cheese presse Eleaven peales   
3 Boules vallued to268
Tombs sives and riddles beinge eight030
Foure wheeles one reele 2 tubs one trough one flaskit and 2 maunds0124
Twenty cowes Seaven calves vallued to the sum of4388
Eleaven yeare ould heffers and one Bullxi06
Two Steares and two heffers vallued to800
Thirteen horses and mares vallued6500
Two foales vallued to5100
Fifty foure ewes and lambs1230
Fifty Lambe hoggs vallued7100
A hundred and Eleaven Barren ewes & weathers26150
A Sowe foure pigges and three shoates vallued to1120
Eight ewes and lambs and five hogges412xi
Fifteen Akers of oates and Barly vallued to22100
Thirty load of hay in Goadby field vallued1500
Twelve osgangs of corne and grasse5040
Two waggons two carts with Geares belonginge to them16100
Plowes harrowes and all materialls belonginge to them and plow Timber3100
One paire of quorns and a haire cloath1100
Bease cribs ship cribs and fould trees and the wood in the yeard with the fence   
Coales vallued to the sume of400
Forks and rakes Stone troughes and leathers0160
One Gablock a pickaxe locke and teathers togeather with other ould Iron068
The window cloath and Secks one Strike with other small measures01410
Things over looked not seene and forgot vallued    034
The total Sume is3401810

Anthony Bennett

Thomas Baly

William Blankly his marke

William Pilkinton his marke