Glenn Roger 1660 of Stathern will and inventory

Roger Glenn of Stathern 1660 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1660

In the Name of god Amen I Roger Glenn of Statherne in the County of Leaster husbandman doe make this my last [“will” missing] & testament as followeth

I give to my daughter Katheran Glen ten pounds if she depart from her brother Mathew after her mothers decease to be payed unto her the ten pounds by five pounds apeace in tow years after her mothers decease she not dwellinge with her brother Mathew not other wise

Item the three children of Richard Harwood towe of them lambs a peece & the 3 an ould sheep

Item I doe give to Mary Harwood my daughter the heaffer

Item I do give to my wife & to my Sonn Mathew each of them tow Cowes to be equally devided after my decease & all the houshould goods to my wife except the table & the forme & the fior … & rackings & the pott hucks & tonges & the trunck in the Chamber to my son Mathew & further I give to daughter in law one shepe & to Richard Harwood my sone in law twelpencs [?]

Item to my son Mathew … tow … tow lambs

Item to Elizabeth Hucket five shillings & to Elizabeth Timothy five shillings

To this my last will I make my marke

                                                                                                         Roger Glenn Marke

In the presence of

Robert …

John [tear]


Aprill the forte Anno d 1659

A note one A inventory of the goodes of Roger Glenne of Statherne late decesed blacksmith preased the deay and year Abuef written

  £ s d
Item his porse and Aparrill 0 10 0
Item 3 Coues and I swine hoge 6 0 0
Item 3 shipe and 6 puter dishis 0 15 0
Item i brass pote and 3 brass panes 0 15 0
Item i puter candlestick and i chafin dish i salte 0 1 6
Item 3 bedstedes and 3 Chists i coberd i cheare 1 5 0
Item i leavon tobe i mashin tobe i barrill 0 6 8
Item 3 linin shites 4 harden shites i tabolcloth 1 4 0
Item 4 Coverlides 3 blankites 2 boulsteres 1 10 0
Item 4 pillows i mattriss 2 linin tauilles 0 13 8
Item the coarne and the heay in the barne 3 0 0
Item 2 pillabeares 0 2 0
  16 1 10

John Dixon

Henery Parman

Probate 1 March 1660