Glenn Alice 1585 of Eaton Inventory

Alice Glenn of Eaton 1595 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/15/110

The Inventory of all the goods and cattell of Alce Glen of Eaton widdowe deceased moveable and unmoveable praysed and set forth by us whose names are under written

Marmaduke Fairebarne

Raiffe Jackson

Wyllm Baley

Nicholes Wildeman

First hir purse, girdle and hir apparrellvs
Item one mattresse, three pillows, fower coverlets, one pillowbeare, twoe paire of sheetes with the
Bed steadexxs
Item in the chamber one cheise hecke, twoe olde skepps, one cherne, one old chest, one olde tub,
with certaine wolliiiis vid
Ite three chestesiiiis iiiid
Ite three quisshingsxiid
Item one fleshe [?] tree, one cheire, one pen, twoe settles, one forme, one stole, one fall bourdeiis vid
Ite three bordesiis
Ite one spit one paire of cobbards one gallowe tree, one paire of pott hookes, one fire Iron with the
pott hingles and one paire of tongesviiis
Ite twoe potts, twoe kettles, twoe pewther dishes, two candlesticks, and one sawcerxiis
Ite plowe tymber, one tub, one strike one pecke and one half peckeiiis iiiid
Ite painted clothesiis
Ite three strike and a halfe of Rie five strike of barley one bushell of otes and five peckes of peasexxviis iiiid
Ite two seckesxiid
Ite one hovell with certaine other woodviiis
Ite twoe hinginge houses with pailesvis viiid
Ite one cowexxxiiis iiiid
Ite one yearelinge calfeviiis
Ite six sheepexxxs
Ite three hennes and a cockexvid
Ite one goose and fouer goslingsxviiid
Item maner in the yeardeiis
Ite one swinevs
Ite corne and gresse in the feildeiiii li
Ite debte oweinge to hiriii li
Sume totalisxvi li viiis xd

Exhibited 13 May 1595