Gibson James 1685 of Scalford Inventory

James Gibson of Scalford 1685 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/87/158

An Inventory of the goods & Chatles of James Gibson deseased late of Skalford in the County of Lesester taken and Appraysed by us the 5th day of October 1685 Steven Auwood yeoman Will Darby husbandman

Inpris his purse & Apparell0050
In the House 2 tables one forme one buffett stoole one Cubberd one Aumbery
4 Peuter dishes one brase Candellsticke 7 ould Chayres one fire Iron Gally
baulke 3 hookes one spit one paire of tongs 1 tostinge forke one beefe forke
one Iron pott 3 small brasse panns with other Lumber168
In the Buttery 4 barrells one tubb one quart one Levin tubb one tunn dish 3
In the Kitchin 1 small Copper one mash tub one gether [?] tubb one swilling
tubb one hop sive & An ould Churne with other small things1200
In the Chamber over the house one table Leafe one form 3 lininge wheeles two
wooden shelves with other Implements0068
In the Parlour one bed stead one matris 2 pillows one paire of sheets one
blankett one coverlid & one sett of Curtins one table one forme one Chaire one
Coffer with other odd things10000
In the Chamber over the parlour 2 bedsteads with bedinge 2 Coffers five paire
of sheets 2 pillowbears one table cloth 3 napkins with other Lumber001900
In the litle Buttery one smale beare barrell one churne 2 boules 2 Chamber
Potts with other things unnamed00500
Debts Speratt & desperate05000
In the feild 2 cows & 4 ews & Lambs  568
Suma totta1644

The marke of Steven Auwood

The marke of Will Darby

Exhibited 21 November 1685