Gibbon William 1663 of Granby Inventory

William Gibbon of Granby 1663 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/60/47

A true and perfect Inventorye of all the Goods Chattells and Cattle of Willm Gibbon late of Sutton in the parishe of Granbye in the Countye of Nottingham yeoman deceassed taken and apprized by us Christopher Parneham John Bartram and Robert Greene the Seaventh day of March Anno dni 1650 as followeth

Imprimis his purse and his Apparell500
In the house
Itm One Table and frame Two Buffett forms one Chaire100
Itm One fire iron with Gallowe tree and hookes068
In the Parlour
Itm One Cupboard one bedstead One Mattrice Two Coverlidds two blancketts
One boulster Two pillows and Three paire of sheetes400
In the Chamber
Itm One Trye, one fryinge pan One little pan, one strike a few Coales with other
In the yard
Itm Two kyne600
Itm all the Corne remaineinge of One Oxgange of Land600
In the feild
Itm the wheate sowen and the barlye fallowes of One Oxgange of Land600
More in the Parlour
Itm One Coveringe, one Holland sheete and one pillowbere  368
Sum total32134
Christopher Parneham
John Bartram
Robert Greene
One featherbed priced at010000
Three flaxen sheetes priced at000608
Suma totalis330000

Exhibited Leicester 6 August 1663