Gibbin Richard 1632 of Plungar will and inventory

Richard Gibbin of Plungar 1632 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1632/12

In the name of God Amen In the Year of our Lord God one Thousand five hundred thirtye & one And in the 12 day of November and in the Seventh yeare of the Raigne our most gracyouse sovraigne Lorde Charles by the grace of God of Englande France and Ireland Kinge Defender of the Faith I Richard Gibbin of Plungar in the county of Leic yeoman In health of bodie and in good memorye thankes be given to god therefor uncerton when the Lorde will call mee hence to his mercye for the better quiete and to the intent that such goodes cattles and chatteles as the lorde hath vouchsalfed to Bestow uppon mee maye be Disposed according to my mynde and uppon and to the use of such person and persones as I have thought most meete and requisite Doe make this my Last will and Testament in maner and forme followinge

First I bequeath and must humbly comende by soule into the hands and mercyfull … of almightie god the father the Sonn and the holy ghost trusting that I am saved only by the mercyes of the same god and through the mercyes of Jesus Christ and by none other menes and my bodie I comytt to the earth in Christyanly comleynes to be buryed in the church yard of Plungar aforesayde

Item I give and bequeath to the poore in Plungar xs

Item I give and bequeath to my Sonn William Gibin A table and six buffit stoules and a leade to stand eareloumes so longe as they will last And also I give him my … … uppon my cilne and to his children iiis iiiid a peace that hee hath

Item I give and bequeath to my Sonn John Gibin xxvl and also I give him a beed and all belong to it but if it please god to call him to his mercye before mee then that xxvl that I give him then I give to my Doughter Smith Children xxl of that xxv and the other five poundes I give to my Daughter Elsebeth Hickson

Item I give and bequeath to my Sonn Henry Gibin vl

Item I give and bequeath to my Sonn Thomas Gibin iiis iiiid and to his child iiis iiiid

Item I give and bequeath to my Doughter Isbell Smith iiis iiiid and to every  one of hir Children iiis iiiid a peace

Item I give and bequeath to my Doughter Elesebeth Hickson xl

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Porter iiis iiiid and I give to hir Children iiis iiiid apeece

Item I give and bequeath unto my loving Wife all the rest of my househould goodes all which legacyes are to be payde within one …month after my decease

Item I give will and bequeath unto my loving Wife Elesebeth Gibin and to my Sonn John Gibin all the rest of my Goods unbequeathed my debtes and legacies being payde and my funerell chardges dischardged And I doe make noiat and appoint my sayd wife and my Sonn John executors of this my last will and testament And I doe make and apoynt my Brother John Gibbin and my brother William Gibbin to be my overseers of this my Last will and for their paynes I give them vis viiid apeece

These beinge wittnesse

Samuell Grococke

William Hickson


A true and perfect Inventorie of all the goods Cattells Chattells and Debts of Richarde Gibbins late of Plunger in the Countye of Leicester yeoman deceased taken and prized the xxiiith day of Februarye in the yeare of our Lorde god 1631 by us William Robbinson William Hickson Thomas Towers and William Orson

Imprimis money in his purse xii li
Item his Appell xxxs
It in the house one table and sixe buffett Stooles xxs
It a Cupbaord and two Chaires fire Irons Reccons and hookes and other implements  
belonginge to the house xxxs
It in the parlor one press two besteads four chests xliiis iiiid
It xiiiteene peeces of pewter xiiis
It panns and potts and other brass ls
It one leade fower barrels fower tubbs two kitts one paire of querns one heyre Cloth and  
other Implments iii li
It two matrecis fifteene paire of sheetes two boulsters and two pillowes and table Clothes  
napkins and pillow beares vi li
It two Coverlidds and one blanket xxs
It mault barley and pease x li xiiis 4d
It six kine and heifors two Calves xiii li
It Swine xxxs
It one hovell and hay and other Implements xxxiiis 4d
It one fatt hodge and one bacon flitch xxxiiis iiiid
It three lands of winter Corne xxvis viiid
It the debts oweinge to the deceased xlviii li xvs
                                                                                                                                  Som total Cx li xviiis

William Robbinson

William Hickson

Thomas Towers

William Orson

Probate 5 May 1632