George Robert 1679 of Eaton Inventory

Robert George of Eaton 1679 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/81/67

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods Cattles and Chattles of Robert George of Eaton yeoman lately deceased taken and prized October the 16th 1678 by us vizt whose names are subscribed

Inpris his Apparrells Girdle purse & money500
In the hall & chimney
The great Table and frame, two fourmes, one Cubbert, one pewter dish, & Two
Allsoe a Bible, Two little Tables, and a fourme106
It Two Chaires, the fire Iron, Rackins, hookes & other Irons0104
In the upper Parlour
One sieled Bedsted a featherbed, and Mattresse, the Curtains, and vallions the
Bolster and two Pillowes406
It one Coverlet & Two blankets, one paire of hempen sheetes168
Allsoe one halfe headed Bedstead, and Mattresse, one Bolster and pillowe, and
one paire of hempen sheets176
It one Coverlet and one Blanket0106
Allsoe one greate Chest and in it Six paire of flaxen sheets, a dozen flaxen pillow
beers, & Two flaxen Table clothes646
It a dozen and halfe of flaxen Napkins and Two Towells160
Allsoe one other chest, and in it, A Rug, three Coverlets, and Two Blankets390
It a little Trunke and in it six paire of hempen sheets and sixe pillow beers2186
Allsoe a little Boxe and in it a dozen of Table napkins086
In the nether Parlour
One Bedstead and the hangings about it, one Coverlet and three Blankets, one
Bolster and Two pillows with the Mattresse368
It one little Coffer and in it Ten paire of harden sheets one paire of flaxen sheets
and Two holland Pillow beers2134
Item a Warminge Pan and glasse Case068
In the Parlour Chamber
One chest of Drawers, a little Table and Two chaires0164
It two old Bedsteads, Two Coverlets and Two Pillowes1210
Allsoe an old Presse and in it a Dozen of Cushions0154
In the Corne Chamber
One quarter of Oates, a Strike of wheat some pease & a Try1134
In the Dairy Chamber
It Three hundred weight and a halfe of cheese, part of a Bacon flitch, one Pot of
Butter, and Three wheeles474
Allsoe one kimnell, a Tomb, a searse, a strike, foure sieves and a hand Try0134
It a Coffer, and a Trunke, with 18 yards of harden cloth0154
In the Kitchin
It an old lead, a cheese Presse, and Three Tubs, a Thrall, and other small things1100
In the Dairye
One Brasse pot, Three Brasse Kettles, and Three Panns310
Allsoe Ten pieces of Pewter, a flagon and Two Pottingers, Two Saltiers, and four
Sawcers, with Three Candlestickes226
It a Churne, Three Dozen of Trenchers, foure shelves, eight Milke Bowles, Two
Bottles Twelve cheese fats Three Pailes certaine earthen vessells & other things118
In the Buttry
It seven Barrells, a fryinge pan, the Spit and Cobberts150
In the yard and Barne
Five Mares, one Colte, and a foale28100
It Ten cowes, Three heifers, Two yearlings, & Two calves3400
Allsoe the Crop of Corne and hay in the Barne and field47100
It the Carts and Cart geares Plowes and plow geares, fold Trayes, plow Timber,
& all other Implements of husbandry1006
It the hovells and other wood in the yard1150
Allsoe foure swine300
In the field
It sixe scoore and 14 old sheep and fifty foure lambs63100
Allsoe the Tillage land, to be sowne, upon clods & In hams1800
It in thinges not viewed or forgotten    062
The Totall summe is262154

William Tinsley

William Crampe

Exhibited Leicester 12 July 1679