Gamble William 1681 of Saxelby Will

William Gamble of Saxelby 1681 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1681/143

I Willm Gamble of Saxilby in the County of Leicester Blacksmith beinge in perfect memory doe make & ordaine this my last will in maner & forme following

First I give & bequeath my soule to god that gave it & my body to the earth in hope of resurrection to eternall life through Jesus Christ my onely redeemer

And as to my worldly goods I bestow as followeth

Whereas my son Thomas Gamble is indebted unto me the sum of Twenty pounds by a certaine bill obligatory bearinge date the first day of Jan 1678 my will is That the said Twenty pounds shalbe paid to the use of my daughter Judith Gamble foure pounds of the said Twenty beinge moneys which my son Thomas was to have paid her as given by her Uncle But I undertooke to pay the same as by Articles of agreement appeares made betwixt my selfe & son Tho: bearing date the 10th day of Jan 1678

Itm I give my daughter Judith the Cupbert & bedstead in the parler & one brasse pott one Chest one box 2 paire of sheetes 2 blanketts & 1 Coverlid

I give my daughter Elizabeth two shillings

The rest of my estate I give unto my son Thomas Gamble whom I make Exectr of this my last will

                                                                                                                William Gamble

Published sealed & signed 3 Aug 1681 in presence of

Cle: Nedham

John Kirkby

Robert Hubbert


My further will is That my daughter Judith shall have the Table in the parlour & one halfe of my pewter and one halfe of my brasse pans & one chaire

                                                                                                                William Gamble

Published in presence of

Cle: Nedham

John Kirkby

Robert Hubbert


A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods and Chattells of William Gamble late of Saxilby in the County of Leicester taken and prized by Tho: Gamble Senior Husbandman and John Gale Sheapheard both of the same Town and County the Eleventh day of October in the Year 1681

Imprimis his purse and Apparel118
Item Oweing upon an Obligation2000
Item Goods in the House016
Item a Table Stoole and Chaires0134
Item a Cupboard and things in the lesser Parlour0106
Item two Coffers and a Bedstead0142
Item a Cupboard and things in the Bigger Parlour0121
Item a Table and Presse076
Item the Bedstead in the bigger parlour067
Item a Coffer in the Chamber over the House041
Item a Bedstead in the Chamber over the House012
Item for other things in the Chamber over the Parlour020
Item for three pair of flax sheets0108
Item for three pair of hemp sheets063
Item for Six Pillowbears031
Item for eight Pillowes042
Item for two Boulsters051
Item the rest of the Bedding063
Item three Matterices071
Item Eight Pewter Dishes079
Item Saltsellers and other Pewter040
Item two Brasse Potts0141
Item three Brasse Panns081
Item for a pair of Bellowes & Stithy & other things in the Shop1159
Item for a Vice and other Tooles127
Item for things in the Dairy022
Item for Barrels & other Woodden things072
Item for things seen and unseen  049
Summa totalis3236

John Geale

The marke of Thomas Gamble

Exhibited 13 October 1681