Gamble Thomas 1692 of Grimston Inventory

Thomas Gamble of Grimston 1692 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 44’28 1322/275 This is a trew and perfect Imnotary of the Good and Chatels of Thomas Gamble Lately deseased in Grimston in the Parish of Rothley in the County of Leic Millner

His purs and apparill060
In the paller   
One bedsted and beding0100
One Chest & one coffer & one deske and one omebrey cubard090
One wheel and one cheere020
The puter and brass0150
Two tubs and one kit & two barills070
In the house   
One Table & one press and three chers050
One flick of bacon060
One kowe1100
One pige026
One rack Iorn and two huckes & one fire Iorn026
Seen and on seen030
The total sum is4180

John Glover senr

Thomas Adcock

 Exhibited 27 April 1692