Gamble Thomas 1668 of Saxelby Will

Thomas Gamble of Saxelby 1668 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1668/62

In the Name of God Amen October the 22th 1668

I Thomas Gamble the eldest of Saxelby in the County of Leic: husbandman beinge weake & sicke in body but of good & perfect memory (praysed be the Lord for the same) doe ordaine & make this my Last will & Testament in manner & forme followinge that is to say

First I give & Bequeath my soule unto Almighty God my Creator hopeinge & verily assuringe myself through the Lord his Mercys & my Saviour Jesus Christ his merits to be partaker of life everlastinge And my Body I bequeath to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in Christian burial in the Church yarde of Saxelby aforesaid at the discretion of my Executor & for the worldly Goodes which it hath pleased the Lord to lend unto me, I doe dispose of them in manner & forme followinge

First it is my will that my Loveinge wife Margaret Gamble have sufficient meate & drinke, washing, lodging & Cloathinge with my Executor whilst shee liveth & that shee shall have twenty Poundes to dispose of at her death as shee thinketh good (if my estate will afford her soe much) & that my houshold Goods shall be equally divided between her & my foure Children

Item I give unto my loveinge sonne John Gamble thirtie Poundes for his filiall portion (if my estate will afford soe much)

Item I give unto my loveinge Daughter Katherine Gamble thirtie Poundes for her filiall Portion (if my estate will afford soe much)

Item I give unto my loveinge Daughter Mary Gamble thirtie Poundes for her filiall portion (if my estate will afford soe much) but if my estate will not arise to such a summe to make good all my former legacies & gifts & besides to defend my debts (if any be) & funerall Charges & expences  then it is my will that my loveinge wife & Children shall abate every one of them proportionably according to their summe given unto them that soe my Executor may not suffer by this my Will & if my Estate arise to a greater summe then my Three Children John, Katherine & Mary to have of them their portion greater proportionably as the estate will afford it

And further it is my Will that the four former legacies to my loveinge Wife & three Children shall have their Legacies out of my hey & Corne, Leases, Cowes, Sheepe & Swine

Lastly I Constitute ordaine & appointe my loveinge Sonne Thomas Gamble whom I make the Executor of me & of this my last Will & Testament to whom I give the rest of my estate undisposed of, requireinge & charging him to pay the legacies by me bequeathed a year & a halfe after my death to his brother & sisters & alsoe to  pay my debts (if any be) & funerall Charges

Thus I make this to be my last will & Testament

Wittness my hand & seale hereunto placed the day & year first above written

                                                                                                                The marke & seale of Thomas Gamble

Read sealed & delivered to be the last will & Testament of Thomas Gamble above named in the presence of

Geo: Hubbert

Robt Kirkby

John Kirkby

Probate 4 November 1668


A true & perfect Inventory of all the Goodes Cattell & Chattells of Thomas Gamble the Eldest of Saxelby in the County of Leic. husbandman deceased taken October the 26th 1668 by George Hubbert, John Hurst, Daniel Dent, Edward Pares

Impris his Purse & Apparell600
In the house
Item one table with the frame & forme stooles Chayres, a Cubbert & and old
Chest fire iron & rackings300
In the best parlour
Item one bedstead with bedinge one Chest a Coffer & a box with some other
In the other parlour
Item one bedstead with bedinge200
In the best Chamber
Item one bed & bedinge2100
In the store Chamber
Item butter & Cheese with some other thinges3100
Item a bed in another Chamber with bedinge with some other thinges1100
Item pewter Brasse with other things in the Deary500
Item in Linnen400
In the kitchinge
Brewinge vessel & other utencells200
Item Carts & cart geares plows & plow geares harrowes & other utencells
for husbandry10114
Item hovells & other wood in the yarde311
Item in hey & Corne5200
Item 6 horses & a foale2400
Item 13 beasts younge & old2100
Item 37 Sheepe900
Item 9 swine400
Item thinges unnamed & forgotten    050
The summe total is one hundred fiftie & seaven Poundes seaven shillings five pence15775