Gamble Robert 1635 of Saxelby Will

Robert Gamble of Saxelby 1635 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1635/45

This 19 of March Anno Dom 1634

In the name of God Amen I Robert Gamble of Saxilbie sicke in bodie but whole in mind of good and perfect remembrance thanks be to god for the same doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner & forme following

First I bequeath my soule to Almightie god trusting to be saved by the meritts death & passion of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyard of Saxilbie

Item I give and bequeath to Jone my wife xx l of lawful money of England a widows bed with furniture & the best coffer

Item I give to Marie my daughter xx l of like money a mattress a coverled a bedstead a boulster a pillow & a pair of sheets & a blanckett

Item I give to the poore of Saxilbie 5 groates

Item I give to Thomas Gamble of Asfordby my godchild vid

Item to my godchild William Gamble of this towne vid

Item to William Stevenson my godchild vid

All the rest of my goodes unbequeathed my debtes being payed & funeral expences discharged I doe give unto William Gamble my sonn whome I doe make my sole executor of this my last will & testament and I intreat my Cosun Henrie Gamble to be overseer of this my will & I do give him for his paines xiid

In wittnes hereof I have sette my hand & seale the day & yeare above written

                                                                                                                Robert Gamble his marke

Sealed & delivered in the presence of

John Neale

Robt Hickling

Probate 14 May 1635


An Inventorie of the goodes and Chattells of Robert Gamble late of Saxilbie in the countie of Leicester deceased taken & praysed the 27th day of May Anno Dom 1635 by Robert Hicklinge, Thomas Foxe and Henrie Gamble as followeth

Imprimis his purse and apparelxxxxs
Item in the house the fire Irons hookes tongues & spitsvis 8d
Item table and frame 2 fourmes a table chaires & stoolesxs
Item in the butterie 3 barrells 3 tubbes 2 kimnells 3 pailes salt tubb and other implementsxiis
Item ticknall potts panchions chesfatts spoones dishes & trenchersvis 8d
Item 3 brasse potts & pannes & a possenettxxxvs
Item 8 platters 4 saucers 2 candlestickes pestell & morterxiiis 4d
Item in a parlour one cubbard a presse one chest 2 boxes a bedsteadxxxiiis 4d
Item one matteresse a boulster 2 pillowes one paire of sheetes one coverled one blanckettxxs
Item one matteresse one coverled one blanckett one pillowxxs
Item one paire of flaxen sheets 3 paire of hempen sheetes 2 paire of harden sheetes 4 table 
clothes towels pillowbeeres napkins13s
Item in a parlour one bedstead a matteresse a paire of harden sheetes 2 boulsters 2 pillowes 
2 blancketts 3 coverledsxxvis 8d
Item 7 harden sheetes 2 cushions a crow of Iron a cheste an axe & churne with other implementsxxs
Item in a chamber yarne mault wheate barlie bacon pease bread oatemeale flower cubberds 
& od implementsvii l xid
Item in an other chamber pease cheesehock bords forkes hookes a seck wheeles chest bedstead 
& beding on itxxs
Item in the yard 7 kine & a calf 2 horsesxxvi l
Item a paire of cart wheeles strokes & nayles a … tubb a hive of bees 2 leathers 4 forkesvis 8d
Item 2 seckes a hatchett … bordes fleakes sheepe cribbesviiis vid
Item 18 sheepev l
Item plough cart geares manger cratch & axeltreesxiiis vid
Item 2 hoffeildes pales manure wood & part of a cartxiiis 4d
Item part of … barlie50s
Item 5 acres of pease4 l vis 8d
Item 3 roode of wheatexxvis 8d
Item debtes owing to him4 l xvis
Item for all thinges seene & unseene praysed & unpraised4s
The total Summe 74 l xs