Frisby Michael 1598 of Scalford Will

Michael Frisby of Scalford 1598 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/219/53

Julie 26: Elizabethe regine 40: Anoq Doi 1598

In the name of god amen I Michaell Frisbee of Scalford in the countye of Leicester yeoman sicke in bodye but whole in mind and of good and perfect memory thankes be to god therefore, doe make and ordeine this my laste will and testatmente in manner and forme followinge

First I bequeathe my soule to allmightye god and my bodye to be buried in the churche of Scalford aforesaide

Itm I geve and bequeathe unto the poore in Scalford iiis iiiid to be distributed according to the discretion of my executors

Itm I geve unto Christopher Frisbee sonne of Willm Frisbee my brother latlye deceassed one yearelynge baye fille to be kepte at the charges and comodityes of my farme till it be foure yeares of age and then delyvered him

Itm I geve and bequeathe unto Samuell Frisbee and Jane Frisbye sonne and daughter unto the aforesaid Willm Frisbe either of them one yearelinge calfe to be kept in like casse on the farme till thee be foure yeares of age and then delyvered

Itm repossinge trust (if careinge for my wyfe and children) in Willm Webbe the elder my father in lawe and Willm Webbe the younger my brother in lawe I geve and bequeathe unto them my debts paied and funeral dispatched all my goods … and chattels moveable and unmoveable which two I make and ordeine my full executors here unto I have sette to my hand

Thes being wittnesses to thes my last will and testament

Willm Binkes

Robert Noble

Itm my requeste and earnest desire is that yf my father in lawe and brother in lawe can take my farme for further tyme then I leave … … that they shall ioyntly take the yard lande which Robarte Noble hathe in use with the reste and let the said Robarte have and inioye the same yard lande after the rate they can take it and the reste, for the tearme they can take it

Itm I will that Robarte Noble shall make and … and … of the yard lande he hathe in use which now is the land of Christopher Firbee and delyver it to the said Christopher or his … now att my

In primis I doe owe unto Joise Jalland x li

Itm I doe owe unto Richard Marline v li

Itm I doe owe unto Nicholas Robinson iiii li

Itm I doe owe unto Nicholas Welse xxs

                                                                                                                Michael Frisbee

Probate 14 October 1598