Freeman Roger 1621 of Long Clawson Inventory

Roger Freeman of Long Clawson 1621 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/29/107

The vith day of April 1621

A true Inventorie of all the goodes & Cattells Roger Freeman late of Claxton in the Countie of Leic laborer Praysed by Thomas Hiclinge Richard Hiclinge thelder Robte Wright & Edward Hiclinge of Claxton aforesaid, the day & yeare above written

In primis in his purse & his Apparellvs
Itm the table & the forme iii settles, one old Aumbry, ii Chayres & all other tryfles of woodd
within the housexs
Itm the fyer Irons the Tonges ii spytts & one payre of Cobberds one old hatchette & other
things of Iron in the housevis viiid
Itm iiii bedsteds vi old Coffers, one Cradle & other small things of woodde within the Parelerxxs
Itm vi old Coverlidds, v bolsters, vi pillowes & one old flock beddexls
Itm ii matresses & iiii payre of sheets 4 pillow beares & one bord Clothexxs
Itm iii kymnells one tubbe one old payre of Tables & other small thingsviiis iiiid
Itm iiii Barrells one thrall ii shelves & other small thingsviiis
Itm the Puter & Brassexxviiis iiiid
Itm the brueinge leade the quernes & some other things in the kitchenxxiiis iiiid
Itm the Corne & hayexxvis viiid
Itm the Pullen, the hovell & some other tryfles in the yardexs
Itm ii old wheelesiis
Itm ii kyneiiii li
Summe ysxiiii li xiiis iiiid
Debts that he owethe
To Wm Manchesterv li
To Agnes Morexxs
To Joane Robinsonxxxviiis
To Thomas Storeriiis
In totoviii li xiid
The wholl some after the debts deducted isvi li viis iiiid

Exhibited 6 April 1621