Freeman Donald 1671 of Scalford Inventory

Donald Freeman of Scalford 1671 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/71/214

A true & perfect Inventory of all the goods chattels & cattels whereof Donhalt Freeman late of Scalford in the Countye of Leister Gentl: died seized taken Aprill the 22th in the yeare of our Ld 1670 by Richard Shuttlewood Gentl: And Noell Love yeoman both of Scalford aforesd

Imp: his purse & wearing apparell500
In the Hall   
Two carpets three cushions one livery cupboard & fouer chaires116
In the Kitchin   
The fire-irons one table 2 chaires three stooles, a warming pan, the pewter   
with other odd things3410
In the dairy   
Tubbs & milke vessels050
A cheese presse with cheese fats weights & Scales050
Two brasse potts 4 brasse kettels1100
Three leather bottels040
A brasse mortar & pestell034
An iron dripping pan with other things064
In the sellar   
Tow Salting tubbs seaven barrels with threals1100
In the chamber over the Hall   
One chest, fouer chaires two stooles one wanded chaire 2 carpets a truncke   
a looking glasse & a cradle1100
In the chamber over the parlour   
One feather bed, 2 feather pillows, one boulster, two blankets, one coverlid,   
curtaines & vallance3100
Two stooles & a couch-chaire030
One boxe, one truncke two flaskets040
One fire iron050
In the chamber over the dairy   
Three buffet stooles one trunke sixe small boxes one presse0106
One feather bed one boulster tow pillows tow blankets one coverlid curtaines   
& vallans2100
One half headed bed with the bedding100
One trundle bed with the bedding0134
A looking glasse with other things008
At the staire head, one coffer one glasse case a barrel with other odd things050
In the Garrets   
One bedstead with bedding0134
Two boards & a tressel010
In the cheese chamber   
One cheesehacke with cheese boards & other things060
In linens   
Eight paire of flaxen sheets300
Sixe paire of comon wearing sheets0150
Tow dozen of napkins0100
Two cupboard cloths066
Two paire of fine pillow beares066
Three paire of coarse pillow beares030
Three table cloths & three towels0116
In the brew house   
Foure tubbs one Mashfatt a brandiron & a brasse pan208
In the … house   
Two tubbs, a thrall, a fire… & a …046
Fouer & twenty bease young & old4100
Seaven horses & mares & two foales3500
In the grounds at Holiwell threescore & five couples & three & thirty barren   
Threescore & ten sheepe in the field1700
In the Stable yard & outhouses   
Sixe swine hoggs280
A sett of cartgeares & a sett of plowgeares2100
A hairecloth a … with … & other like things0134
A wagon with two carts7100
Tow hovels100
Bease cribbs sheepe cribbs fold fleaks & fense trees274
Two plows with plow timber1100
Sixe harrows with harrow timber0120
Tow laders068
Timber in the yard & old wood0100
The manure in the yard & field2100
Five quarter of Mault650
Five quarter of barley500
Nine sacks090
The cropp of corne in the field7000
Debts sperat & desperate1500
Things not mentioned or forgotten    100

Richard Shuttlewood

Noell Love

Exhibited 5 March 1671

Administrations 1670/17

Bond, bound Jane Freeman widow of Scalford and Henry Freeman gentleman of Goldsmith Grange, Scalford 9 May 1670, condition bound Jane Freeman widow of Donwell Freeman gentleman late of Scalford deceased intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Jane Freeman

                                                                                                                Henry Freeman