Freck John 1850 of Harby will

John Freck of Harby 1850 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1850/53

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Freck of Harby in the County of Leicester Innkeeper

I give and bequeath unto Thomas Watchorn of Harby aforesaid Farmer and my Son William Freck All my Money Securities for Money Household Furniture Stock in trade and all other my personal Estate and Effects to be held by them upon the following Trusts (vizt)

Upon Trust to pay my Debts funeral and testamentary Expences and to permit my Wife to carry on my business for the benefit of herself during such part of her life as she shall continue my Widow without being controuled by my Trustees or either of them unless it shall appear to them that she is carrying on business to so great a disadvantage as to waste the capital of my property

To permit my said Wife to have the enjoyment of my Household furniture and effects during her Widowhood

And after the Death or second Marriage of my Wife I direct my said Trustees or the Survivor of them to convert the whole of my property into money and divide the same equally with the accumulations or savings thereof (if any) equally between my three Children William James and Thomas share and share alike

If either of my said Children should die before the above is payable to them and without issue I direct the share of him so dying to be paid to the Survivors or Survivor but if they shall leave a child or children I direct such child or children to take their Parent’s share

If my said Wife and Trustees shall think it beneficial for either of my said three Sons that a portion of his expectant Share should be advanced to him during her Widowhood my said Trustees with the consent of my Wife may advance to him a portion for the purposes of advancing him in the World, putting him out Apprentice or otherwise

And I appoint the said Thomas Watchorn and my said Son Executors of this my Will for the purposes aforesaid

In Witness whereof I the said John Freck the Testator have hereunto set my hand this twenty first day of December One thousand eight hundred and forty one

                                                                                                         John Freck

Signed by the said John Freck the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses the work “James” having been first written on an erasure

W Latham Solr Melton

Anne Latham

Melton Mowbray the 5th day of March 1850

Thomas Watchorn of Harby in the County of Leicester Farmer and William Freck of the same place Butcher the Executors in this Will named were duly sworn to the Truth and faithful performance thereof as usual and that the Goods Chattels and Credits of the deceased do not amount in value to the Sum of Two Hundred pounds and that the deceased died on the twenty second day of December last past

                                                                                                         Before me John Healy Surrogate to the Commissary

9th March 1850

Original Will exhibited before The Reverend Jemson Davies Clerk MA and Surrogate and Probate decreed to pass seal to the above named Thomas Watchorn and William Freck in the presence of

Geo H Nevinson Not Pub Registrar