Flower Thomas 1550 of Eaton Will

Thomas Flower of Eaton 1550 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1550/23 and 24

In the name of god amen the xiii daye of maii in the yere of our lord god m vc and l I Thomas Flower of Eyton in the County of Leycester beyng holle of mynde and good and perfyte memorye makeyth and ordeneyth thys my testament & last wyll in manner & forme as here after fouloythe

Fyrst and pryncypally I gyve my soull unto allmyghty god and put it fully to hys mercys and also my boddye to be buryed in the cheurche of Langar [sic] aforesaid paying therfore vs to the said churche

Also I wyll that the poure menes boxe shall have iid

Also I wyll the vycar shall have for all forgottyn tythes and to praye for me vs

Also I wyll that yf my neyghbures of Eyton make the hye waye betwene the cheurche and the grainge where I dwell for that they shal have iiis iiiid yf that they do it and if they do it not they shall not have the said money

Also I wyll that George Flower my god sone shall have oon hew shepe & oon lame

Also I wyll that Thomas Flower my godsone shall have oon hew shepe & oon lame

Also I wyll that every one boeythe of my men servants & of my women servants shall have iiiid

Also I wyll that Grace my wyff shall have ii of my beast kyne that she can cheuyse the beast horse or mare that she wyll have and also xlti hew shepe & xlti lames alone & proper to hir selfe

Also I wyll that all myne other goodes boeyth moveable & unmoveable shall be wel sett fourth & devyded in ii parts & that Grace my said wyff shall have the one halfe of it & the other half shall my ii chyldern have & gyuft the said Grace my saied wyff their mother

Also I wyll that all my deytts shallbe payde uppon those ii parts aforesaid

Also I wyll that yf the one of my ii chyldern dy before they come to yeres of dyscretyon or in the waye of marrydg that then the other that lyves shall have the beoythe ii parts & yf the boeythe dye before the aforesaid tyme & yeres then shall Grace my said wyff have there ii parts alone to hyr selff

Also I wyll that if it chaunce or hapyn that Grace my said wyff marry agayne that then she shall delyver my ii chyldern with their parts before the daye of hyr marryge to my brother Harry Flower bealy of Langar or else yf she wyll not do so then she shall be bounde to put in good & lauffull sucrtyes to the foresaid Harry Flower or to some other of hys honest frends the whych he shall apoont that thei shall be well & honestly brought up & ordered & also ther parts truly payd

Also I wyll that Grace my said wyff shall be myne executriyx alone & my brother Harry Flower the bealy for to be the supervysour of thys my last wyll & testament

Theis beyng wyttnesses Thomas Walker the vycar of Eyton Harry Flower the beyly of Langar John Flower of the same towne

Thys is the inventory of all the gooddes Cattells & detts of Thomas Flower of Eyton in the Countye of Leycester And in the dyocese of Lyncolne praysed by Thomas Glen Hugo Kyllyngley Thomas Wryght & Wyllm Wyttyll of Eyton afforeseyd husbandmen the xviith daie of October in the yere of the reygne of our sovereyng lord Edwarde the vith by the grace of god king of Ingland Fraunce & Iarland defendour of the Feyth & of the cheurche of Ingland And also of Ireland supreme heade iiiith

In the yard 
Of Cattell & shepe 
In primis viii oxen & ii steresvi li xiiis iiiid
Itm ii horses ii mares & oon foulexxvs
Itm xiiii kynevii li
Itm viiii yong beastes of iii yere oldexls
Itm vi beastes of ii yere oldexviiis
Itm ix calfes of one yere oldxviiis
Itm oon bullxs
Itm ii hundereth shepexxx li
Itm vi swyne hogges & xv score swynexxviis
Itm the pullynvs
Of other stuffe in the yarde 
Itm ii yron bund weynesxxvis viiid
Itm the plowes iron teymes with the yoekes & all thynges to them belongyngxiiis iiiid
Itm the hovell wood with other fyar wood And the swyne trowghesviis
In the Barne 
Itm xxx quarts of barlyexii li
Itm x quarts of ryelvi s
Itm viii quarts of peyse with the heyiii li
In the Felde 
Itm xvi akers of ryeiii li iiiis
In the chamber 
Itm iii feyther beddes iii mattrecys with the bolesets pyllows & the beydde steadsliiis iiiid
Itm standyng in the same chamber oon counter iii chestes ii turned cheyers And 
oon preyssexs
In the kytchyn 
Itm iiii pannes iiii brasse potts ii posnetts oon spytt oon payer of yron cobbards 
oon masheyng 
fatt with other bruyng and bakyng vesseylesxiiis iiiid
In the buttre 
Itm oon [rest of line lost in fold] 
Itm ii laytn basones ii latyn lanes & viii candylstykes of brassevs
In the Awl 
Itm ii tabyles oon awmbre iiii cheyers ii fourmes iiii coshynes oon carpytt cloeyth 
oon yron Aboweyt the fyar & oon payer of tonggesxs
Itm xx payer of shetts the oon halffe flaxyn the other halffe shaken downe sheets 
vi napkynes of dyapar and xii other napkynesxxxs
Itm oon heyre clethe oon wyndowe cloethe vi seykes ii wyndylles & ii syvesvis viiid
Sumiiii xx and one pound xis viiid
Detts that the sayd Thomas Flower doythe owe to dyvers persones 
In primis to Harry Flower the bealy of Langarls
Itm to the same Harry Flowerxiiis iiiid
Itm to the same Harryxls
Itm to the same Harryxxs
Itm to the same Harry ix quarts of barly vi quarts of peyceiii
Itm to Antony Beyncoetts [?]iii li vis viiid
Itm to the parsone of Langarxxs
Itm to the cheurche of Eytonviis
Sumxiii li xviis
The hole Sum of thys inventory … … beyng debts deducted ysiii xx vii li xiiiis viiid