Fisher Ellis 1662 of Eaton Inventory

Ellis Fisher of Eaton 1662 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/58/56

A true & perfect Inventorie of all the goods moveable & unmoveable that Ellis Fisher of Eaton in the Countie of Leicester weaver deceased of estimated & praised the last daie of March 1662 by us whose names are underwritten

In pris his purse & apparrell100
In the hall   
It a table a Furme a settle 2 Chaires a Cubbert & a penn a little table & two   
It pewter & brasse valet1120
It Irons about the Fire010
In the parlour   
It one bedstead & beddinge thereunto belonginge & some small Linings120
It 2 Chests & two boxes0100
In the dairie howse   
It tubs brewinge vessels, shelves, scepps, wheels, a box & other implements0120
In the yard   
It 2 kine 20 sheepe & a pigge840
It the Cropp in the Field & towne200
In the shop   
It the Loomes & geers & other things thereunto belonginge200
It things unseene & forgotten  010
Summ est17140

Praised by

Thomas Wright

Thomas George his marke

John Yerlbodd his marke [Yarwood?  There were Yerwoods in the Eaton parish registers]

Exhibited Leicester 27 May 1662

Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1662

Bond, bound Ann Fisher widow of Eaton, Robert Simpson yeoman of Eaton and Richard Tompson yeoman of Eaton 27 May 1662, condition bound Anne Fisher relict of Ellis Fisher of Eaton intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Signum Anne Fisher

                                                                                                                Signum Robertum Simpson

                                                                                                                Richard Tompson