Faulks George 1572 of Long Clawson will

George Faulks of Long Clawson 1572 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1572

In the name of god amen in the yeare of our lorde God an mdlxxi the xxii daye of November and in the xiiii yeare of the Reign of Elizabeth by the grace of god queen of England France and Ierlande Defender of the faythe &c wytnessythe that I George Fawxe of Claxton being syke inn body and of good and perfect remembrance Do ordene and mayke thys my last wyll and testiment in maner and forme here after following

Fyrst I bequethe my Sole to allmighte god my mayker and redemer and my body to be buried in the churche yarde of Claxton my paryshe churche

It I bequethe to the mother churche of Lincoln iiiid

It I bequethe to the pore mans boxe iiiid

It I bequethe to the mending of the heye wayes iid

It to my Curate for my tythes necligently forgotten at any tyme iid

It I geve to Elizabethe my Dowghter iiiil to be payde at the age of xvi years

It I geve to Edwarde my Sonne iiiil to be payde at the age of xviii yeares

It I geve to Wyllyam my Sonne iiiil to be payde at the age of xviii yeares

It I give to Rycharde my Sonne iiiil to be payde at the age of xviii yeares

It I geve to the chylde being in my wyfes wombe god giving yt lyf in this world iiiil

It I wyll that and yf any of my chyldrin departe once off thys worlde before they come to the age aforesayd that then ther parte be devided amongst the reste of my chyldrin

It I owe unto Wyllyam Spencer and Thomas Spencer vl xs

It I bequethe the reste of my goodds unbequeathed unto Dorothe my wife

It I ordene and mayke Jhon Fauxe my father full exequitor of thys my laste Wyll and Testiment

It I ordane and mayke Rycharde Lynes and Wyllyam Hicklyne supvisors and overseers of thys my laste wyll and testiment

Thes wytnisses Christofer Goodwin vycar Robart Caunte Rycharde Lynes & Wyllyam Hicklynge wythe other men

Probate 18 April 1572