Faulks Francis 1625 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Francis Faulks of Long Clawson 1625 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1625/113

In the name of god Amen this 10th daye of Auguste in the yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne lorde Charles by the grace of god of Englande, Scotlande, France and Irelande, kinge defender of the faith &c the firste I Francis Faulkes of Claxton als long Clauston, in the countie of Leceister, Laborer, beinge sicke of bodie but good & perfect memorye (praysed bee god) doe make and ordayne this my laste will and testament, in forme & manner followeinge

In primis I give & bequeave my soule to god that gave it, and my bodye to bee buried in the Church yarde of Claxton aforesaide

Itim I give unto my sonne Edwarde Faukes vid

Itim I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Kinge xiid

Itim I give unto William Kinge the eldest sonne of my foresaied daughter Elizabeth vid

Itim I give unto her seconde sonne James Kinge vid

Itim I give unto her daughter Margarett Kinge vid

And my will is that all theis Legacies bee payed within twelve monthes next after my death, the rest of all my goods unbequeaved I give and bequeave unto Margarett Faukes my daughter whome I make sole & full executrixe of this my last will and testament, to see my debts & legacies discharged & payed And my bodie brought honestly & reverently to the ground

Lastly I make Richard Steevens & Richard Guye husbandmen of Claxton aforesaide overseers of this my last will & testament

Testes sunt

Thomas Wright Scriptor

William Robinson

John Faukes

A true inventorye of all the goods & Chattells of Francis Faulkes of Claxton in the Countie of Leceister Laborer taken the seventh of October in the first yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lorde Charles, by the grace of god &c by Richard Stevens William Smart husbandman


In primis his purse & apparell 6s 8d
Itin in the parlor 1 payer of falxen sheets, 1 payre of harden 12s
Itim 1 boulster 2 pillowes vs
Itim 3 Coverleads, 1 mattresse 10s
Itim 2 bedsteads, 1 Cofer 4s
Itim all impleaments of wood 2s
Itim in the house Coales 7s 6d
Itim the Cubberd, 2 puter dishes, 1 Candlesticke of brasse 5s
Itim Lynnen, 1 woollen wheele 2s 8d
It the brasse 3 panns, 1 pott 16s
Itim 1 tubbe, 3 payles 2s
Itim the penn 1 forme, 1 smale table 5 stooles 3s
Itim the fire Irons, 1 payre of tongues, 1 handing brand iron & other impleaments about the  
fire 2s
Itim the hea & & 1 Cowe 3 l
Itim things forgotten 2d
                                           The whole some is 6 l 18s

They praysers were

Richard Stevens

William Smart

Probate 28 February 1625