Fancoats John 1632 of Long Clawson will and inventory

John Fancoates of Long Clawson 1632 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1632/4

In the name of god Amen This firste of June in the seventh yeare of the raygne of our Soveraigne Lorde Charles, by the grace of god of Englande, Scotland, France & Ireland, Kinge defendor of the faith &c 1631 I John Fancoates of Claxton als Longe Clauston Laborer, being sicke of bodie but of good perfect memory (praysed be god) doe make this my last will & testament in manner followeinge

In primis I give my soule to god that gave it and my bodie to bee buried in the Church yard of Claxton aforesaide

Itm I give to every one of my five Childeren tenne shillings a peece vid

It I give to my eldest sonne William Fancoats tenne shillings

Itim I give to my sonne Thomas Fancoats tenne shillinges

Itim I give to my sonne John Fancoats tenne shillinges

Itim I give unto my daughter Margarett Fancoats tenne shillinges

Itm I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Fancoats tenne shillinges

And further my will is that my wife give unto my daughters what Lynnen & household shee please

The rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable I give & beequeave unto my loveing wife Ellen Fancoats, whome I make & ordayne sole & full Executrixe of this my last will & testament, to see my legacies performed

The witnesses are:

Thomas Wright Scriptor

Thomas Wythenshawe


A true inventorye of all they goods and Chattells of John Fancoats, of Claxton als longe Clauston in the Countie of Leceister laborer, lately disceased Taken this 26 of September 1631 by Richard Hicklinge Jun & John Wilcoxe laborer, of Claxton aforesaide

In primis his purse & apparell vis 8d
Itim 2 kyne 3 l
Itim one pigge & poultry 6s
Itim in the parler 3 flaxen sheets 3 payre of harden sheets 2 pillowe beares 2 napkins 13s 4d
Itim 2 boulsters 3 pillowes 4s
Itim 3 Coverleads, one mattresse 6s 8d
Itim 3 Cofers 4s
Itim 1 Cubbard, & other impleaments of wood 6s 8d
Itim 2 bed steads 16d
Itim pueter & brasse 2 potts 1 pann & five dishes of pueter 22s
Itim one barrell 2 payles 1 Chorne, a Chayre, 2 Stoales 16d
Itim the fire irons, pott hookes & tongues, & other impleaments about the fire 12d
Itim Ticknell ware and thinges forgotten 6d
The whole sume is 6 l 13s 6d

The praysers names & markes,

Richard Hicklinge [his mark]

John Willcoxe [his mark]

Probate 10 April 1632