Exton Edward 1738 of Eaton Will

Edward Exton of Eaton 1738 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1738

In the Name of God Amen I Edward Exton of Eaton in the County of Leicester Farmer, being in parfect Health & memmory do make & apoint this my Last Will & Testament in the maner & Form following (viz)

First I bequest my Soul Into the Hands of Almighty God thro’ the Merits of our Blesst Redeemer & my Body to be Buryed in the Cristian Buryel at the Decrision of my Executor here after Nominated

I give to my Daughter Anne Thirty pounds of Lawfull Money of Great Britton to be paid in the space of twelve Months after my Deseace also the feather Beed in the parler & the Best hangings & Beedsted with sufficient Beeding thereunto belonging the Best Chest the Oval Table, six Chears 3 pewter Dishes Six plates the old Brass pann & 1 Doz of Napkins & table Cloth

I give to my Daughter Alice the sum of one Shilling

I give to my son Thomas Exton the sum of Twenty Pounds of the Like Lawfull Money to be paid in twelve Months time after my Deseace

All the Rest of my Goods & Chattels & personal Esteat whatsoever I give to my Son Edward & do Make and Ordain him Sole Executor of this my Last Will & testement Revoking all other Wills made by me whom I Charge with the Payment of my Dets & Legaces

Also my Will is if Edward Marry before Anne be Married or other ways previded for Edward shall make a Door out of the Parlour in to the yard & Repair the Chymley in the said parlour for her to live in & to have Liberty to come in & out thro’ the said yard

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this 18 Day of October in the year 1736

                                                                                                                Edward Exton

Signed Sealed & Delivered in the pesence of

J Watchorn

The Mark of Isabal Ward

Edward Exton executor sworn 26 April 1738

December the 20th 1737

An Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of Edward Exton of Eaton in the County of Leicester late Deceased

His Purse and Apparell2100
In the House three Tables and other things210
In the Parlour two Beds one Chest and all things3100
In the Kitchen one Copper two Brewing Tubbs1150
In the Cellar four Barrells and all other things0106
In the Chambers three Beds and all other things720
In the Stables 9 Working Horses and Six Fillys and Colts5000
Eight Milking Cows Tenn Young Heifers1826
In the Yard three Swine Hoggs250
Two Carts one Waggon and 4 Harrows8150
The Horse Gears 2 Ploughs and Sacks2100
In the Field 60 old Sheep 32 Lamb Hoggs2436
One Hay Stack and 2 parts and 30 fold tracks630
The Clotts in Field3100
In the Barns for Hay and Corn3000
For all other things forgotten and unseen    0100
The Totall Sume16376

Thomas Martin  )

and                        ) Appraisers

Thomas Bealey  )

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Thomas Martin

Thomas Bealy