Ellison Richard 1559 of Hose will and inventory

Richard Ellison of Hose 1559 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1559

In the name of god Amen the xiiiith daye of Aprell & in the yeare of our lorde god [about six words missing in fold] of the parishe of Hose in the conte of Lyc husbandman beyng syke in bodye & hole in mynd do make and ordayne this my last wylle & testament in manner & forme hereafter followinge

First I bequeth my sole to god Almightye my maker & redemer & to the blessed virgin saynt our lady & to all the holy companye of heaven & my body to be buryed in the churche or churche yarde of Hose

Also I bequeath to our ladye of Lyncolne iid also to the high alter iiiid

It I wyll that my wyffe shall have the thyrde parte of my guds

It I wyll that my wyff shall have a house & a yard land of my lorde … so longe as she is wedow & yf she marye I wyll that Thomas my sunne shall have yt & he shall nother let nor sett my lease but yt shall go to the helpyng off my [about six words missing in fold]  daughter shall have the lease of the … [whole line missing in fold] wythe all the [about twelve words missing in fold] … ther partes

It I wyll that [about twelve words missing in fold] my sune Jhon & Ellesabethe my doughtter & my doughter [about four words missing in fold] paying them agayne at xv years old & to put forward ii yeares before in what kynde of barganyng the maye get wantage

It I wyll that Gregory my sune have liiis & viiid

It I wyll that Thomas my sune shall have liiis & viiid

It I wyll that Thomas my sune shall have my beste cote & I wyll that Gregory shall have a rosett cote that I my selfe shulde have mayde

It I wyll that Rychard Hand shall have a osgone of the better land & the sayd Rychard Hande to occupye wythe my wyff so long as the can agre

It I wyll that Thomas my sune shall have the asgon after Rychard Hand have left it

It I wyll that Thomas my son shall have a osgan of bable [arable?] land that Wyllm Wrighte hathe

It I wyll that Gregory shall have iiii shype of the hole beside my wyffes parte

It I ordey & make Rychard Hande my sune in law & Prudens my daughter my exsecutorix of thys my last wyll & to se yt In…ly performed as the wyll answers before god & to se my dettes & legaces payd

It I make Wyllam [in fold] & Gregorye Rowse my Supvisors of thys my wyll

Wytnessis Roberte Myller Wyllm … Robert Tyth…bie & Gregory Rouse wythe other mo

It I wyll that yf any of my yonges chylderyn depart that the part of yt shalbe devyded amonge my chylderyn that ys to saye Jhon … Elsabathe & Agnes

It I wyll that my syster Esabell shall have vis viiid for a panns [?] as for her parte I dyd spend it about the puttynge away of her chylde


Im primis to Jhon Walker                                                                                                           xls

It to Thomas …                                                                                                                              xxs

It to Nycolys Ragge                                                                                                                      xxxiiis viiid

It to Emmot Pyke of Colsune                                                                                                     xxs

It to Rychard Spenser                                                                                                                  liiis viiid

It to Roger …                                                                                                                                  xxs

It to Thomas Rouse                                                                                                                      xls & xs

It to Jhon Spenser                                                                                                                         iiis iiiid

It to Richard Hand                                                                                                                        xxiis

It I wyll that yf any man can … in for dett bryngyng honest witnesse I wyll the shalbe payd

It I wyll that Thomas my sune shall not have thys farme yf he mary mayd the whyche dwelled wythe Antony Wayd the last yeare

It to the hye wayes                                                                                                                      iiiid

The inventory of all the guds of Rychard Elleson lately departed mayde the iiiith daye of Aprell

It Imprimis his aparell the pryse xs xiid
It all maner of beddynge pryce xixs
It all maner of lynnynges xls
It all kind of puter & lyttyng ware viiis
It for potts panns the pryce xxxs
It a hamgre iii arkes xxs
It bordes forme stoule bedsted vis
It all cowpery ware & t…ed ware xis
It viii kye ix li
It vi Yonge bestes v li
It ii wenynge calfes vis
It iii quarters of weatte & … xxxs
It viii quarters of barley iii li xiiiis
It viii quarters of peyse & beans xlviiis
It xviiii strykes of mallt xviis
It iiii score sheppe viii li
It v horses & mares v li vis viiid
It iiii yerelyng coltes xvis viiid
It cart & cart geares a wene bodye xxiis viiid
It the ploughe & geares viis
It hovells & hovell tymber viiis
It vi stone of wholl xxxs
It axes & axell tres iii Iren harrows vis
It all maner of old wode to the fyre iis
It iii swine xiis
It xii gyese with all other pullynges vis
                                                         Som totalys liii li xiis

The praysers hereof

Robert Myller

Gregory Rowse

Robert Lytteldyke

Jhon Spenser

Jhon Saunderson