Ellis Thomas 1524 of Plungar will and inventory

Thomas Ellis of Plungar 1524 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1524/7

In dei nominee Anno dni mccccc vicessimo quarto die … … I Thomas Elys hole in mynde make my … in these maner

Fyrste I bequeth my sole to Allmyty gode to ower lady sent Marye & to All the sents in heven my body to be beryde in chyrche yarde of Plungar

Fyrst I bequeth to my mother cherche of Lyncolne xiid

Allso to the hye auter of Plunger viiid

Allso I bequethe to the Chyrche of Plunger a hymage of … … another of … … another of … …

Allso I bequeth to … chyrche also a … barley

Allso I bequeth to Statherne also a … barley

Allso I bequeth to every laydy of Barkston … a … to be … allso a … barley

Allso I bequeth to every laydy of Barston to fynde a … allso a … …

Allso I bequethe to Wyllm … allso a dosyn shepe qowes & hoges & my best jacket

Allso I bequethe to Margere … iii qowes & to Elyzabeth … ii qowes & to Alys … iii qowes

Allso I bequeth to Margaret … my syster vi hogs so that she do nott sett there & hys Wyghte jaket

Allso I bequethe to every laydy of Plungar allso a … of barley to syng … before …

Allso I bequethe Elizabeth Padgyt ii hogs & to Annys Padget ii hogs

Allso I bequethe to Alyz Elys my dowter … …  … … Allso to Wyllm … … … …

Allso I bequeth to Wyllm Patchyt my new roset jaket

Allso I bequethe to be done for my solle allso a …

Allso I bequethe the Resedew of my goods to Anys my wyfe

Also I wyll that Rychard … Anys Elys my wyfe to be my Executors to dyspose for the hellthe of my solle & Wyllm Blankney supervisor & to have for hes labar iiis iiiid

Wytnes of theis thyngs John Bugg Rychard Pett Wyllm Blag with other mo

The sys the Inventore of one Thoams Elyes lately departed … Plungar & preysed be theys witnes Wyllm Blankney Recherd Pett Wyllm Blage John Buge with others mo

In primis iiii & xxx shepe … xlxiiis iiiid
Itm iiii … … xxvis viiid
Itm ii peygs … iis
Itm iiii quarter of barlee vis viiid
Itm a beyde & that logyg there to viis viiid
Itm bord a forme a cheyre viiid
Itm in brasse & pewter iiiis
Itm iii flyxs iiis
                                 Suma totals v li iiis