Emma Duck-Seaton appears in conveyance documents relating to Hodson’s Yard (The Retreat/The Hollies) in 1962. She may have occupied one of the properties for a short time but this hasn’t been verified – she appears to have been a reasonably prosperous woman in her own right and the cottages were largely derelict by 1965 which makes it a little unlikely.

Abstract of Title (1960):

W0998 Hodson's Yard 1965
W0998 Hodson’s Yard 1965
  • As above (1934 onwards).
  • 1960: Abstract of the Title of Mrs AEE Day to property situate at Hickling in the County of Nottingham (RH Truman & Appleby, 22 Park Row, Nottingham).
  • 28th August 1944: conveyance between Bertha Annie Hodson and Mary Jane Hodson (vendors) and Kathleen Copley of The Laurels (purchaser).
    • Purchase price £200.
    • Currently occupied by MJ Hodson and F Fisher.
  • 5th August 1955: original marriage certificate produced – Catherine Ettie Ellen (scored through) Kathleen Copley married George Day on this day at the Methodist Church, Church St. Ruddington in the County of Nottingham.

Supplemental Abstract of Title; Mrs S Duck-Seaton (1962):

  • 1962 Supplemental Abstract of the Title of Mrs S Duck-Seaton to two cottages known as “The Retreat” and “Holly Cottage” Main Road Hickling in the County of Nottingham (Richards & Flewitt, Nottingham).
  • 21st Aug 1960: confirmation of Kathleen Copley’s marriage to George Day
  • Confirmation of the properties, as above – Mrs E Duck-Seaton occupier* and purchaser.
  • Confirmation of the land registry search, above.
  • Emma Duck-Seaton of 211 Arkwright Street in the City of Nottingham the wife of Edwin Seaton.
  • Purchase price: £900.
  • 17th December 1962: Emma Duck-Seaton contracted to sell to Ronald Frank Hales of 9, Grazingfield Wilford in the City of Nottingham – purchase price £1,250.
  • The Wadkin archives show the old cottages are still standing in 1965 but derelict in appearance (Mrs Wadkin notes that the properties were sold in 1966 and the cottages pulled down).
  • (Wadkin Archive): November 1965, approximately ¾ acre freehold building land with planning consent for 1 dwelling. Two derelict cottages. £1,350.)


  • Emma Duck-Seaton was born 27th September 1891 and died 8th June 1985 (probate 9th Dec 1985).
  • In the 1939 Register she is listed at 99 Wilford Crescent East, Nottingham:
    • Arthur J Duck (b. 28th Sept 1889, married, licenced victualler but not in occupation)
    • Emma Duck Seaton (b. 1891, married, hardware dealer)
    • Albert A Duck (b. 21st Jan 1915, single, hardware dealer)
    • Plus one additional closed record in the household
  • Arthur J Duck diedin 1953.
  • At the time of the 1962 conveyance, Emma Duck-Seaton is recorded as an ‘occupier’ of the property in Hickling.
  • No further links have been found between Emma Duck-Seaton and Hickling – needs verifying.