Dove Hamlet 1605 of Hose Will

Hamlet Dove of Hose 1605 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/227 page 22

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of our Lord god 1605 I Hamlet Dove of Hoose in the Countie of Leic sycke in bodye but wole in mynde & of good & perfecte Remembrance, thanks be geven to god, I doe ordayne & make this my last wyll & teastament in manner & forme followinge

Fyrste I bequeth my sole unto All myghtye god my Creator & Redeemer & my bodye to be buried in the Churchyard of Hoose

Itm my wyll is that all my goods & Chattells moveable & unmoveable shalbe devided Equally into three Parts, whereof I wyll that my towe Chyldren shall have tow parts of all my foresayd goods And Halse [Alice?] my wyfe whom I make my sole Executrix of this my last wyll & teastament shall have the third part

& I doe appoynt Thomas Hand of Harbey overseer of this my last wyll & teastament

Wytnesses Jhon Hicling minister & Thomas Hand

Probate Melton Mowbray October 1605