Dore Brian 1642 of Old Dalby Will

Brian Dore of Old Dalby 1642 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, PR/T/1642/56

In the name of god Amen Aprill the 17th ano domi 1641 I Bryan Dore of Dalby Sup oldes in the countie of Leicester laborer sick in body but of perfect memorie god be praysed do hear mak and ordaine this my last will and testament in maner and forme following

Imprimas first I bequeath my soule to the hands of Allmightie god my maker and Redemer hopeing to be saved onely by the death and passion of Jesus Christ and my bodie to be Buryed in the Church yard of Daulby aforesayd at the Discretion of my Executor and all my worldly goods as followeth

Item I do give to Charles Dore my sonne tene shillings

Item I do give to Jane Alsop five shillings

Item I do give to Charles Alsop five shillings

Item I give to Henry Alsop five shillings

Item I give to Jane Alsop two peuter platters nether of the best nor of the worst

Item I give to Margaret Dore my daughter in law five shillings

Item I give to my Brother Robert Dore xiid

All which legacies so bequeathed shalbe payd to them within three monthes after my decease

All the Rest of my goods I do give to Joyce my beloved wife and do mak her sole and full Executor of this my last will and testament

In witness hereof I have hear unto sett my hand and seal

                                                                                                                Brian Dore [his mark]

Sealled and published in the presents of

Henre Wood

Hugh Smythe

Probate 25 November 1642


A Trew Inventorie of all the goods & Chattells of Brian Dore of Dalby Sup Woulds in the countie of Leicester laborer being vallued & prized the 15th daye of June by Henry Wood & Henry Holt Ano Dom 1642

Imprimis his purse & Apparell1100
Item 3 flaxen sheets0110
Item 2 paire of hempen sheets068
Item 2 towells & 2 pillowbears & one napkin068
Item 4 blankets & 3 Coverletts0150
Item 3 mattrisses0134
Item 2 bolsters & 3 pillowes070
Item 2 bedsteds & 4 Coffers0134
Item one old Cubberd with other implements about the parler034
Item 2 barrells one Churne050
Item flax & yarne vallued to0100
Item 9 puter platters & one Candellstick100
Item 2 potts & 5 panns180
Item one table one forme & 2 Cheares050
Item one fire iron with hooks & recons034
Item 2 milking peales, one spit & other implements about the house026
Item 2 hovells with implements about the yard0134
Item 2 kyne400
Item 2 swine0100
Item money oweing by bond600
                    Somma totalis2036