Dixon George 1618 of Stathern will and inventory

George Dixon of Stathern 1618 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1618/45

May 23 1618

In the name of god Amen I George Dixon of the parish of Statherne in the countie of Leicester doe make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following

First I bequeath my soule unto almightie god my creator and redemer hoping to be saved only by the mercy of god and the merits of my saviour Christ Jesus and my bodie to be buried in the Churchyard of Statherne

1  Item I give unto Bridget Dixon my loveing wife the third part of all my goods and chattells

2  Item I give unto John Dixon my eldest sonne xxs to be payd unto him when he Commeth to be one and twentie yeares of age

3  My will further is that my sonne John shall suffer my sonne George when he shalbe one and twenty yeares of age to have and inioye my freehold land in Farnton alias Farnedon nere Newwork uppon Trent for him and the heires of his bodie lawfully begotten or else that he shall then when he is of the yeares aforesaid give unto him fourescore pounds of good and lawful mony of England

4  Item I give unto my eldest daughter Ellinor Dixon fiftie pounds of Current mony of England when she shalbe married by the Consent of her friends or when she shalbe eightene yeares old compleate

5  Moreover I give to my daughter Jane Dixon fortie pounds of Current mony aforesaide when she comes to the same yeares of her sister next before rehearsed

6  Alsoe I give to one of my children which is as yet unborne (if it please god) it live eightene yeares fortie pounds the which I would have to be payd out of the land or mony which his or her brother John shall have or inioye as my heire, or by any meanes, if that child which my wife shalbe brought to bed of be a daughter

7  Item I give a strike of wheate to the pore of Statherne or else iiis 4d in mony to be payd yearely unto them, at the Eve of St John Baptist by my executors or ther assignes

8  Besides I give xiid towards the repayringe of a Causie from the stepping of William Alees unto the blinde land end in Gilyon lane

9  My desire also is that my wife would reare a pigg for Bridgett Trevis the next yeare untill it be six weeks old

10  Itm I make and appointe my wife Bridgett Dixon and our eldest sonne John Dixon the sole executors of this my last will and testament charging them to see the Contente thereof be performed as they will answer it before god an other day

This will was made my me George Dixon the elder being sick in bodie but perfect in minde and memorie (thanks be given unto god) the day and yeare above written

                                                                                                         George Dixon

Wittnesses of this last will

Roger Derham

Thomas Linslie


A true & perfect Inventory of all the goods cattails & Chattailes of George Dixon of Stathorne deceased prised by John Rowse the elder Richard Rowse the elder & Richard Patchett the first daie of June in the yeare of our lord god 1618

Imprimis his purse & apparrell xxxiiis iiiid
Item fower mattrisses xvis
Item six Coverlids & ii blankets ls
It fower pillowes xiiis iiiid
Item sixe paire of flaxen sheetes iiii li iiiis
Item five table clothes tenne napkins sixe pillowbers & towe towels xxviiis iiiid
Item sixe paire of hempen sheets & thre paire of harden sheetes with certaine linnen clothes xxxs vid
Item three chists, one Arke, thre stooles one cheare xxiiiis
Item three bedsteads xis viiid
Item towe tables viiis
Item towe Carpetclothes & Twelve Cushinges viis
It a Cubbard & puter, & Candlestickes xxiiiis
It two bras pots two pans milke vessels with certaine other Imlements in the milkhouse xxixs
It one lead & quernes with other bruinge vessells xxxs
It four barrels with other Implements xs
It one fire Iron two spits hoocks & rackings vis viiid
It bakon & woollen wheeles & other implementes in the chamber xxiiiis
It the harrowes Traise & old timber xxixs
It one hovell & timber & pease heay & corne vi li vis
It corne on the ground with certaine hay to it xxxviii li xiiis iiiid
It seven Cowes six calves xxii li
It swine iiii li xs
Item Cart & Cart geares plowes, with all thengs belonginge unto them v li xvis 8d
Item five horses xi li xiiis iiiid
Item thre & Twentie Sheepe x li
                                                                   Soma Tolis xxi li xiiiis iid  

Probate 24 November 1618