Day Thomas 1557 of Harby will and inventory

Thomas Daye of Harby 1557 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1557

In the name of god Amen the second daye of October the yere of oure lord god mccccclvii I Thomas Daye of Harby husbandman in the countie of Leicester hole of mynde & of good perfect memory do make thys my laste wyll & testament in maner here folowyng

Fyrste I bequethe my sowle to allmythe god & to all the holy company of heven & my body to be beryed in the church yarde of Harby my paryshe church also I wyll that Margaret my wyfe & Rychard Day of Wolsthorpe in the countie of Lyncoln be my full executors to discharge my wyll afor god also I wyll that my goods be partye in iii parte

Fyrste I bequethe to Margaret my wyfe one parte my chylderen the seconde parte & my selfe the third parte

Itm I bequethe to my youngest dawtor the one halfe of my parte and the other halfe to my wyfe & to my eldest ii dawtors my detts payed and my beryall and all thyngs discharged

Itm I bequethe to Rychard my brother a Rosett jacket … … & a stryke of wette

Item I bequethe to Alys by syster a stryke of wette and to Wylliam Frances hyr husbande a blue jakett …

Item I bequeath to my wyfes syster a hewe & a lame & a stryke of barly & a payre of hose also I wyll that Rychard Daye have for hys paynes taking iiiis and all hys costs & chargys borne

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Rychard Wattson

Robert Dobylldaye

Richard Dobylldaye

Robert …

The Invertori of Thomas Daye husbandman of Harby in the countie of Leicester

Itm ii geldyngs & mare & a fely ii oxen vl
Itm iii … yerlinge cawffs & ii wening cawffs vl
Itm xxvii … and ii swine hoggs vl
Itm corne & haye vl
Item the wayne and the wayne gerys and plowe gerys with a holde hawell with the reste of the  
woode in the yarde iiil
Itm vi … xiid
Itm a harnes and a … xxs
Itm ii coverlets ii payer of flaxen shetts and viii payer of harden sheets xviiid
Itm in brase and pewter xxvis viiid
Itm in stone of wolle & halfe xvis viiid
Itm a bord a chaer a forme ii … iii stands iii coffers a gylyng lome vs viiid
Itm iii lode of coly vis
Itm a … of yron a frying panne a payer of tonges a payer of … … vis iiiid
Item [missing in fold of paper] xiiis iiiid
Item a … [in fold]
Itm in lenyn yarne xs
Itm in … xxxs
                                                                                     Sum xli pounds vis iiiid  


Rychard Wattson

Robert Dobylldaye

Rychard Dobylldaye

Robert …