Darker William 1722 of Scalford Will

William Darker of Scalford 1722 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1722

In the name of God Amen I William Darker of Scalford in the county Leicester Yeoman being weak in body, but of a sound & well disposing memory (praised be God for it) do make this my last will & Testament in manner & form following

1st I bequeath my soul to God my maker In hopes of a gracious acceptance with him only upon the account of Jesus Christ my redeemer; & my Body to the ground to be buried with  Christian burial at the discretion of my Executrix’s hereafter named

And as for that portion of Worldly goods, which it hath pleased God to entrust me with, I Bequeath them as followeth

Imprimis, I give unto my Beloved Wife Sarah half that Cottage wherein I live, together with half of the Orchard thereto adjoining, with half of their appurtenances, to be by her enjoyed so long as shall continue my Widow, but no Longer

Item, I give unto my Beloved Daughter Elizabeth Darker, the Other half of the Cottage & Orchard, with their Appurtenances aforesaid, forever, together with the Reversion of that Moiety left to her mother; for my will is that at her Mothers decease she shall have the whole of my estate both Real & Personal

& In case my Wife should marry again my Will is that my Daughter should enjoy The whole house & land above mentioned with their appertinances, paying her Mother aforesaid her Thirds only

Item I make my Beloved Wife Sarah, & my Dear Daughter Elizabeth beforementioned Joint Executrix’s of this my last will and Testament, & my will is that they shall pay all my just debts, & receive all moneys due to me

And I do revoke all other wills formerly by me made

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 24 day of September In the year of our Lord Christ 1721

                                                                                                                William Darker his mark

Signed Sealed published & declared to be the last Will & Testament in the presence of

John Burman

Hervey Darker

William Brudnell his mark

We Subscribing our names in his presence

Probate 31 July 1722

A true … inmetare of the godes and Chatels of Will Darker of Scalford Late Desesed October 4th 1721

Itam purse and Aparil150
Goodes In the house168
Goodes In the kichin0156
Goodes In the parler126
Goodes In the Chambers1100
Som Barle and pases and som hee in the yard2150
Yoes in the Debdall and lames and 10 shere hoges2150
Some hee in the Debdall926
Cowes and hefers and calfes in the Debdale12150
Tow hefers in the feild2134
Tow mares and one file6106
Six shepe and fore lames in the fild226
Thinges un seein and forgoton  016

Taken by us

Thomas Awood

William Dunsmore