Daft Robert 1720 of Hickling will and inventory

Robert Daft of Hickling 1720 Will and Inventory

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/NW

In the Name of God Amen I Robert Daft of Hickling in the County of Nottingham Hatter being weake in body but of perfect mind and memorie praised be to God for it doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament hereby renounceing all other wills and Testaments heretofore by me att any time published or declared

Imprimis I give and bequeathe my soule to Almighty God my Creatortrusting and Confidently expecting to be saved by the alone merritts and bitter passion of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buryed by the discretion of my Executor hereafter named

And for the desposall of all my worly [sic] goods which God of his great goodness he hath bestowed on me I give and bestow them as followes

Item I give and bequeath unto my Eldest son Stephen Daft one shilling in full of his Childs part or portion of the goods Cattells and personal estate belonging to me

Item I give to his Childe one halfe Giney

Item I give to daughter Theodose Faux one shilling in full satisfaxtion of her Child part or portion out of all the goods Cattells and Chattells belonging to me

Item I give to three Children of John Faux every one of them one ewe that is Mary Faux Theodose Faux and Robert Faux a peece to every of them after my decease

Item I give unto Mary Shurley one shilling in full of her Childs part or portion out of all my goods Cattells and Chattells belonging to me

Item I give unto their two Children one ewe to the oldest Childe and a lambe to the youngest Child after my decease

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Daft Twelve pence in full besides what her Brother Stephen Daft is to pay which is nominated more at large by deed

Item I give unto Mary Shurley one fedder bedd after my decease

Lastly all my goods Cattells Chattells Bill Bonds Hay Corne and all other things whatsoever belonging to me after my decease he discharging all Legaces whatsoever and my funerall Charges whom I make sole Executor of this my last will and Testament that is Joseph Daft my youngest son to be full Executor and no other person whatsoever

Item I give unto his two Children one Cow apeece after my decease to goe on for them that is Elizabeth Daft and Stephen Daft either of them one

In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the eight and twentieth day of October Annos dni 1717

The Marke of Robert Dafte

Signed sealed and published and declared in the presence and sight of the Testator

In triple stompt paper

Edward Collishaw

George Mariot

William Barlowe A perfect Inventory of Robt Daft of Hickling in the County of Nottingham hatter and in the Diocese of York lately deceased of all his goods Cattells and Chattells whatsoever dead and alive prized and valued by us whose names are hereunder subscribed January the sixth Annoys Domini 1717

  £ s d
Imprimis his purse and Apparrell 00 15 4
In the house one fire Iron frogs Gullytree and other materials in the Chimney 00 05 3
Item two Tables two firms 4 Chaires 3 Hookes 00 07 4
Item brass in the house one pot and two pans and one warming pan one      
pewter dish 00 11 6
Item in the parlor one bedstead with thebeding belonging to itt 00 14 0
Item two Chaires and one Cupboard 00 03 2
Item in another Parlor two bedsteads two barrells 00 14 5
Item in the Chamber one bedstead one Coffer 00 03 4
Item in the kitchen one pan two Tubs one Cheese press 01 00 0
Item one mare and one foall 03 05 0
Item one heffer and one calfe 02 00 0
Item seaven sheep 02 02 4
Item Corne and hay 04 02 7
Item one pig 00 06 0
Item things seen and seen and unseen 00 03 4
                                  Suma totalis 16 12 7

John Mann jr     

Richard Robinson            

Stephen Mann  

William Barlow 

Bond, bound Joseph Daft yeoman of Hickling, William Vickerstaff [sic] yeoman of Bingham and Thomas Morley yeoman of Bingham November 1718, condition Joseph Daft to execute will and produce an inventory.

                                                                                                         Joseph Daft mark

                                                                                                         William Vickerstaff

                                                                                                         Tho Morley

Probate 2 January 1719/20