Daft Robert 1584 of Long Clawson Will

Robert Daft of Long Clawson 1584 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1584/78

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of our Lord god 1582 the ii day of February and in the xxiiith yeare of the raygne of Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of England, France and Ireland defender of the fayth etc witnesseth that I Robert Dafte of Claxton in the countye of Leic husbandman being sicke in bodye but of goode & perfect remembrance lawde & prayse be geven to almightye god do make and ordayne this my laste will and testament in manner & fourme following

First I bequeath my soule to almighty god my maker and redemer & my body to be buried in the churcheyarde of Claxton my parishe churche & I geve unto the pore mans boxe iiiid

Also I geve to Richard Dafte my sone xiiis iiiid & a rode land of wheate for his chylder parte

Also I geve & bequeath to Willm Dafte my sone xiiis iiiid & A yarde land of wheate for his chylder parte

Also I geve & bequeath to Thomas Dafte my sone A Yonge redd cowe an ewe hogge and A wether hogge for his chylder parte

Also I geve and bequeath to John Dafte my sone A pyde cowe & iii sheepe A sheare hogge An ewe hogge and A wether hogge and also the best brasse potte iiii puter dishes A cofer A roode of wheate And a roode of barley

Also I geve & bequeath to Margarett my wyfe halfe the state of my farme during hir widowehode with Robert Dafte my eldest sone so that she shall not let or set any parte therof to any person or persons in any wyse … from my sone Robert Dafte

And also I will that Robert Dafte my sone shall have the other halfe of my farme with Margarett my wyfe and after the deceasse of my wife I will that Robert Dafte my eldest sone shal have al my right and tytle with the Indenture of my sayd farme during my yeares therein contained

Also I geve & bequeath the reste of my goods and cattells unbequeathed to Margarett Dafte my wyfe & Robert Dafte my sone equallye to be devyded betwixt them provyded alwayes that I will that Margarett my wife shall not have any parte of the Draughte at hir deceasse

Also I ordayne and make Margarett Dafte my wyfe and Robert Dafte my eldest sone executours of this my laste will & testament And I make & ordayne Richard Hoberd and Richard Dafte my kinsmen the supervisors & overseers of this my laste will and testament and I geve to eyther of them vid for their paynes

Theis being witnesses Christopher Goodwin Vicar Richard Hoberde and Richard Dafte

Probate 18 July 1584

A trewe Inventorye of al the mooveable and imooveable goods of Robert Dafte late deceassed of Claxton within the countye of Leic husbandman taken and priced the xxvth daye of Februarye Ano dni 1583 by theis men under written

Robert Caunt thelder Henry Houlte Willm Robenson & Richard Hoberd

Imprimis his purse with his apparelxxs
Itm one yoke of oxonvi li
Itm one yoke of stearesiiii li
Itm two bullock calvesxxs
Itm two kyneiii li vis viiid
Itm two other kynexlvis viiid
Itm one calfevis viiid
Itm one marexiiis iiiid
Itm seventene shepeiii li vis viiid
Itm one Waynexls
Itm Plowes, yokes, harrowes, teames, with suche like implementsxxs
Itm Ladders with other offal woodedxxs
Itm Coales with other fewellxxs
Itm Fleakes & hovell gearexiiis iiiid
Itm Wheate & rye in the Towne & feeldeiiii li
Itm Barley & maultexls
Itm Peazexls
Itm Hayexls
Itm Horssehecks & neates staulesxiiis iiiid
Itm one bruing leadevis viiid
Itm fower Piggesxs
Itm Pulleniiis iiiid
Itm Baconxxs
Itm three cofersvis
Itm one Amberyeiiiis
Itm one matrysse two coverledds two boulsters with ii or iii litle pillowsxxs
Itm one bedstidde with al the Linnensxxxs
Itm Tables and Peales with other wooden stuffe in the kychenvs
Itm Irons within the chimneyvs
Itm Brasse pottes, pannes, candlesticks with al suche like brassexxxs
Itm twelve puter dishesxs
Itm Tables, fourmes, stooles, one chere and one dishe peniiis iiiid
Itm seven cushinsiiiis
Suma tolisxlvi li iiiis