Daft John 1696 of Hickling will and inventory

John Daft of Hickling 1696 Will, Inventory and Bond

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/NW

[only a poor microfiche copy of this will has been seen]

In the Name of God Amen The Second day of Aprill 1696 I John Daft the Elder of Hicklin in the County of Nottingham yeoman being weake and ill of body but of a sound and perfect mind and memory (Blessed by God for it) doe make and ordaine this my last Will and testament in manner and forme following that is to say

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator hopeing and assuring my self that through the Lords mercy and the all sufficient merits of Jesus Christ my onely saviour and Redeemer to be partaker of Life Everlasting And for my body I bequeath to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buryed in Christian buryall according to the discretion of my Executors hereafter Nominated

And for my worldly Goods which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I dispose of them in manner and forme following

And first I give and bequeath unto my Loveing wife my house and homestead and two oxgang of land and … known by the name of Glovers Close for her life

Item I give unto my kinsman William Leeson that oxgang of land that my father Enjoyed separate from my other two oxgange and he to hold it my wifes life entering upon it att my decease and after my wifes decease I Give and bequeath that oxgang to John Daft of Nottingham and his heirs for ever and also Glovers Close and John Daft to Enter upon the oxgang and one year after my wifes decease nevertheless I give this Glovers Close to John Daft on the condition that he pay unto Mary Daft and Alice  Daft the daughters of William Daft five pounds apiece to be paid … … halfe a yeare after he enters otherwise I will that Mary Daft and Alice Daft enter upon Glovers Close and do hold it to them and their heires for ever

Item I give unto my kinsman William Leeson and his wife for their lives my house and homestead and oxgange of land to enter upon them after my wifes decease and after the decease of the longer liver of them I give and bequeath my house and homestead and two oxgange of land unto Ann Leeson and her heires for ever

Item I Give unto my loveing Brother William Daft the house he liveth in in Nottingham in Fishergate during his life and after his decease I give the house aforesaid unto his son John daft and his heires forever

Item I give and bequeath unto my kinsman Richard Daft four pounds to be paid twelve months after my wifes decease to John Mussons four children four pounds to be paid twelve month after my wifes decease and I give to the poor of Hickling twenty shillings

Item give to the three daughters of John H..se [?] of Claypole that married Elizabeth Leeson ten pounds amongst them and their particular parts to be paid as they come to Age and if it happen that any daughter or daughters die before she or they come to Age then that part or parts of the ten pounds be given to the survivor or survivors of them

Item my will is that a long table in the house and a press in the house and a table a bedstead and a cubbord in the new parlour and also a bedstead in the old parlour be and remain heirloomes to my house from time to time and soe to continue

Item I Give and bequeath all the rest of my goods chattels and cattell unto my loveing wife and my kinsman William Leeson they paying the above said legacies as they are before bequeathed and paying my debts if any be and also my funerall expences

And I doe hereby make my loving wife and my kinsman William Leeson full and Sole and Joynt Executors of this my last Will and Testament the Day and Yeare first above written

                                                                                                         John Daft

Sealed and signed and published to be the Last Will and Testament of John Daft the Elder in the presence of us

John Reay

Henry Leeson

John Musson

A True and perfect Inventory of the Goods Cattells and Chattells of John Daft late of Hickling in the County of Nottingham yeoman lately Deceased taken and prised the 6 day of July Annoq Dni by Henry Brown George Man and William Barlow

  £ s d
Imprimis his Purse & Apparrell 08 01 00
Item in the house one fire Iron frodgs one gallowtree one fire Shovell & tonges      
Some small hookes and other materialls 10 05 00
Item one table and two formes 01 00 00
Item one Landsettle i little table two cheares … joynt stoole 00 07 00
Item one presse 00 16 00
Item five and thirty yards of flaxen Cloth 01 15 00
Item thirty yards of hempen new 01 10 00
Item Six yards of Jarsie white 01 10 00
Item Ten yards of Collard Cloth 01 05 04
Item four Yards more of Collard Cloth 00 08 00
Item eighteen yards of Cloth white 01 10 00
Item in the parlour one Table four Buffitt Stooles i Cuberd 3 cheares      
2 Chestes … 09 00 00
Item one Coverlid 3 Blankets i pair of sheets with a bed hillin & 9 napkins      
& a little pillow 01 05 03
Item five pewter dishes one warming pann two Cups two Candlestickes one      
Little baskin table one dozen of spoones two porringers one saucer one      
Looking Glass two salt sellers 01 09 06
Item in the other parlour 3 pair of hempen sheets 1 dozen of napkins flax all      
together halfe a dozen of Oyster napkins four other napkins of flaxen a table      
Cloth of Oyster three flaxen sheets & one towel 02 08 00
Item five pillow beares 00 07 00
Item one bedstead one Matteris i chest i coffer 01 02 00
Item two pair of sheets hempen 00 10 00
Item three pair of sheets harden 00 11 00
Item one table cloth two pillow bears & five yards of flaxen cloth one Oyster      
Napkin 00 08 06
Item nine pewter dishes two pewter pintes one pewter Cup one Chaffin dish      
two besons one skillet 00 12 00
Item 9 barells five pans & one pott pann and one pott and one skimmer 01 00 00
Item one Copper 01 00 00
Item in the kitchin foure tubs one Kinnell 00 15 00
Item Six kitts barrells & dishes and other materialls 00 07 00
Item in the kitchin Chamber one bedstead with the beding thereon 00 06 00
Item five pale some … & hopper & several scuttels 00 09 00
Item in the Chamber Eight pounds of jarsie in the yarn 00 08 00
Item three strike of wheate 00 10 00
Item one Bed hillin 00 06 08
Item one Materis and a sheet 00 05 00
Item for barley 09 00 00
Item Bed & Beding thereunto belonging 00 05 00
Item pease 00 10 00
Item … 1 woollen wheel & 1 linnen wheel 00 06 08
Item 1 strike of barley winno cloth & for malt 00 08 00
Item for Cheese 01 10 00
Item for Linnen 04 10 00
Item one Chest & one Coffer 00 01 08
Item Cheese hecks with some smale bords 00 01 00
Item 1 brandiron & one maund & other things there 00 06 00
Item two frying pans one Creve iron and 6 forks and … and one serge 00 05 00
Item two carts and one Cart body and one fan 05 00 00
Item five leathers 00 08 00
Item four fele trees three plowes … … 00 10 00
Item Six Sheep Cribs 00 05 00
Item one plowe & … and shares 00 06 08
Item three harrows with all materialls 00 12 00
Item four Creches 00 03 00
Item five stone Troughes 00 13 04
Item manner 10 leades 00 10 00
Item in the stable plow geares & cart geares and horse collers with other      
materialls 01 10 06
Item Bease … … wood … … … one paire of … & other timber 01 06 08
Item Swine in the yard 01 01 04
Item nine Mares 13 00 00
Item six Cowes 2 heffers two years old 4 yearlings 2 rearing Caulfes 06 08
Item shepe two score and ten 15 00 00
Item fleake belonging to the fould 00 08 00
Item Corne on the ground six oxgangs and a halfe 06 00 00
Item for the Clots of the ground being five oxgang and a half 00 00
Item pullen and all things seene and unseen   00 10 00
                                                                                                            Sum Total 211 19 00

Bond, bound Dorothy Daft widow of Hickling, William Leeson husbandman of Hickling and Henry Brown husbandman of Hickling, 18 July 1696.  Condition bound Dorothy Daft and William Leeson executors of John Daft to execute will and produce inventory

                                                                                                         Dorothea Daft mark

                                                                                                         William Leeson mark

                                                                                                         Henry Browne