Daft George 1657 of Hickling Will

George Daft of Hickling 1657 Will

The National Archives PROB 11/271/253

In the Name of God Amen I George Dafte att the Towne end of Hicklinge in the Countie of Nottingham yeoman the fifteenth day of September in the yeare of our Lord According to our Computacon here in England one Thousand Six hundred Fiftie and Seaven being weake and sicke in bodie but of good and perfect memory praysed be God Therefore doe make and Ordayne this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge

First I Comend my soule into the hands of God Almighty my Creator and maker hopeing through his mercie and the Alsufficient meritts of Christ my onely Saviour and Redeemer to have a Joyfull Resurreccon att the Last day and my body to the Earth from when it Came decently to be buryed in Christan buryall in the parrish Churchyard of Hickling aforesaid

And as for my worldly goods which the Lord of his infinite mercie he hath bestowed on mee First I give and bequeath to my Daughter Jane Dafte Fortie Pounds to be paid when shee shall Accomplish the Age of One and Twenty yeares But as for the said Forty pounds interest my will is that my Executors hereafter menconed shall pay itt to my daughter Jane yearely after the day of my death

And alsoe I give to my daughter Jane Twenty pounds worth of Houshould Goods when shee shall Accomplish the Age of one and Twenty yeares

My Will is further that this said Forty pounds of money and Twenty pounds of Goods shall (yf my daughter Jane departe this naturall life while shee remains single) returne to my Executors hereafter named

Further I give to my daughter Jane all my Houses and Homestead with one Oxgan of arrable Land with there and every of their appurtenances to her and her heires for ever

But yf my daughter Jane departe this naturall life with out yssue Then my will is that my said Houses homestead Land and premisses with their appurtenance returne to the heires male of my Daughter Dorothy Dafte, and the said heires male upon his entering hereof to pay to the heires of my daughter Mary Musson Sixty pounds and for want of such yssue male of the said Dorothy lawfully begotten of her body then to the heires of my two Daughters Mary and Dorothy forever

Alsoe I give to my daughter Dorothy Eight pounds to be paid within moneth after my decease

Alsoe I give to Joane my loveinge wife Three Kine Eight Sheepe of my best, one Bedsteed with furniture for itt Alsoe all the Corne in the Barne att home and the Third strike of the Barley in the stack with all the pease that lyes thereon, All my hay and all the pease in the Chamber, and one Shout [shoat] or pigg of them two in the yard

Alsoe I give to every poore widdowe in the Towne foure pence

All the rest of my goods when my debts are payd and my Legacies and funerall Charges defrayed and discharged I give to Thomas Musson and John Dafte my two Sonnes in Lawe whome I ordayne Constitute and make to be joynt Executors of this my last will and Testament and hereunto I put my hand and seal

                                                                                                                George Dafte his marke

Sealed and delivered in the presents of us

Hugh Gill

John Musson his marke

Margaret Taylell [?] her marke

This Will was Proved att London the fifthe day of December in the yeare of our Lord God one thowsand Six Hundred Fiftie and Seaven Before the Judges for Probate of Wills and graunting Administracons lawfully Authorized by the Oathes of Thomas Musson and John Dafte Sonne in Lawe of the said deceased and Joynt Executors named in the said will To whome was Comitted Administracon of all and singular the goods Chattles and debts of the said deceased They being first legally Sworne by Comission well and truly to Administer the same