Cursonne Leonard 1572 of Long Clawson inventory

Leonard Cursonne of Long Clawson 1572 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/3/169/48

Thys ys the trewe Inventory of all the goodds and cattells of Leonarde Cursonne of Claxton husbandman lately decessed valued and prysed by Robarde More Jhon Hardall Henry Hebbe Wyllyam Robenson and Mychaell Browne

Imprimis hys apparell xxs
It the mone in hys pursse xvs
It iiii … one fylle one folle v li
It a yowke of oxen iii li vis viiid
It the kyne and younge beasse viii li
It xl shepe of all kynde vi li
It the weane and weane geares the plowe and plowe geares xxvis viiid
It the hovell geare and all other wodde in the yarde xxvis viiid
It the corn to syde the howse xls
It the croppe of corn in the fylde ix li
It the swine and pullen xviiis iiiid
It the baken hyngine by the balkes xs
It the brasse potts & pannes iii li
It the puter & brazen candylstycks xxs
It iii stone of wolle xxs
It a borde an ammbery wythe other necessaryes in the howse xiiis iiiid
It all necessaryes in the kechen xiiis iiiid
It all napery ware & coffer iii li
It the fyer yerne spytte & cobards vis viiid
                                                                 Suma totalis xlix li vis viiid  

Buried Long Clawson 6 March 1572