Cross John 1670 of Eaton Inventory

John Cross of Eaton 1670 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/70/306

A True and perfect Inventory of the goods Cattles and Chattles of John Crosse Husbandman late of Eaton deceased, taken & prized by us February the 17th 1669 William Caunte William Tinsley & Robert George

Inprimis his Apparrells, purse, & money in it168
In the hall & chimney   
A Table & frame, and old Ambrey, and a fourme and Chaire, & a stole foure   
Cushions, a gallowe tree fire Iron & other small Irons, a paire of Bellows, a brasse   
pot three pans Two pewter dishes, Two cups a saltier & Two saucers1100
In the Parlour   
Two Bedsteads, one old featherbed, Two mattresses, Three Coverlets, & Two   
Blankets foure pillows, one bolster Three paire of sheetes, eight yards of hempen   
Two barrells, one Chest & an old Arke4310
In the Chamber   
An old Bedsted two Coverlets Two old Mattresses Two wheeles One paire of   
Sheets a blanket, one pillow & a Bolster, a Cheese Racke & an old pan with other   
Small things134
In the Kitchin   
A paire of quernes a Cheese presse, & a Churne Two tubs two pailes, a saltinge   
Trough one Candlesticke, & some other earthen vessels126
Item the Crop of Corne in the Barne, and in the field3000
Item foure Cowes, two heifers & a steere calfe10134
Item Two Mares one blinde horse, two filleys & a foale850
Item the Carts & Cart geeres, plowes & plow geeres fold Trayes plowe Timber   
Sheep Cribbes, & Implements of husbandry, with the fewell & some old strawe600
Item 30 old sheepe, & 15 lambe hogges1100
Item the swine in the yard1100
Allsoe in thinges not named or forgotten  068
Summa Totalis est7714

Exhibited 29 April 1670

Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1670

Bond, bound John Tompson husbandman of Eaton and William Conte husbandman of Eastwell 29 April 1670, condition bound John Tompson grandchild and next of blood of John Crosse husbandman late of Eaton intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                John Tompson

                                                                                                                Willm Caunt