Cowley John 1576 of Holwell Will

John Cowley of Holwell 1576 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Wills and Inventories 1576/19

This will says it was made in 1577.  Another copy has 1577 deleted and 1576 inserted and the probate copy says 1576.  The 19th year of Elizabeth I means 1576/7

In the name of god Amen Thirde daye of the monthe of Marche the yeare of Lorde god 1577 and the 19 yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Elyzabeth Quene of Englande Frannce & Ierlande defender of the Christian faithe &c I Jhon Cowlye of Holwell beinge of whole mind & in good memory lauded be god, make & ordain this my present Testament contayninge therein my last will in maner & fourme that foloweth

First I bequeath & commende my soule to almighty god, & to my Saviour Jesus Christ and my bodye to be buryed in the South side of the churche of Abbekettelbe near unto my friendes &c

First I will that my goodes be set in three equall partes, the first part to my selfe And the Seconde part to my Wife Elyzabeth And the thirde parte to my Children beinge two John & Elyzabeth

It the overplus of my part which reameaneth when my debtes are paid & my body brought to the earthe I will & bequeath yt to my daughter except xls which I bequeath to my wife to the bringing upe of my Children

It I bequeath my Children to my wife to be brought upe till they be at age my wife finding sufficient suertyes to paye theame cominge at age

It I bequeath to my sonne Jhon my Lande with tenymentes & three draught beaste & Cart & the geares appurteyning & plowe & geares & so much sede as will sowe the … lands to be in full age to reseave it at xviii yeares of age

It if my Sonne Jhon depart this present worlde under age or not leaveinge yssue, my Lande to goe to my daughter Elyzabeth & she depart under age or not leaveing yssue, my lande to go to Ryc. Cowlyes eldest sonne & he to pay to Robart Cowlyes eldest sonne x li & to my wife other x li

It yf my wife be with Childe it to have my part of goodes, & my land to go to it accordingly and … my sone Jhon come to his lande him selffe the lande to be leaft unsown to com to the bare lande only, paing my wife x li as is afore saide

It I make my wife Elyzabeth my full exicutour of this my last will & testament And my Brother Robart Cowlye and Robart Moulton my supervisoures to have for theire paynes xiid a peece

It I geve to the poore manes boxe vid

It I will & geve to Ales Bruster my goddaughter iiiid

In witness Julyus Watsonn curat & Willym Smart & Robart Moulton & Robart Pawmer The Inventary of all the goodes both movable & unmovable of Jho Cowlye of Holwell in the parish of Abkethelbe prased the v day of March by these foure townes men Wyllyam Hurst Wyllyam Smart Jho Holwell & Robart Pawmer

In Primis his apparillxs
It founde in his purseiis
It x peare of shetes & two pelow beares & one boulster & two towelsxlvis viiid
It two Coverledes & v yards of Ca.s…xvis
It iii Cofers with all the rest of the woden ware in the houseixs
It the brass & Pewterxiiis iiiid
It an Cupborde & a Chearevis viiid
It iii kyne & a … & two …vi li
It xiiii shepe yong & ouldeiiii li iiiis
It a Coultiii li vis viiid
It half the draught & Cart & geares & plow & geares & a ladervi li vis viiid
It two Swynviiis
It the woode without the dores & plow & cart tymberiiis iiiid
It the Cropev li
It geese & henesvs
Suma totaxxix li xviis iiiid