Cooper John 1714 of Ab Kettleby Will

John Corner of Ab Kettleby 1714 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1714

In The Name of God Amen I John Cornor of Eketelby Lodge in the parish of Melton Mowbray in the County of Leceister Sheepard being of good & perfect memory for which I Bless god, doe therefore make & ordaine this my Last Will & testament

Imprimis I give & bequeath my Soule to Almighty [“God” missing] who gaive it mee & my body I Committ to be bureid

Item I give & bequeath to my Loveing Brother Will Cornor the Sum of five pounds

I give to my Brother George Cornor the Sum of 5 Shillings

I likwise give to my Sister Eliz Cornor the Sum of five Shillings

I likewise give to my Sister Easter Lamson the Sum of five Shilling

I likwise give to my Sister Mary Steans the Sum of five Shillings

I give unto my Loveing Brother Tho Cornor after my Departure out of this life all that I was possesed of goods & Chattels he paying thes Small Legueces & seeing me Decently Buried

I make my Brother Thomas Cornor my Soule Exueter

I put my hand to this to be my last will & testament being the thirteen day of December 1711

Witnes my hand

                                                                                                                John Cornor marke

Signed & Sealed in the presence of us

Valentine Garland

John Disnal his marke

Probate 6 April 1714 to brother Thomas Corner