Cook Thomas 1597 of Stathern will and inventory

Thomas Cook of Stathern 1597 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/218/44

There is an area of damage in the centre of the last few lines of the will, no more than one or two words missing, indicated by […]

Ao Domini 1597

In the name of God Amen The fifteene daie of Aprill in the Thirtie nine yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God of England France & Ireland Queene Defender of the fayth &c Wytnesseth that I Thomas Cooke of Stathorne in the Countye of Leicester Taylor beinge sicke in body but of memorye whole & sounde lauded & praised be god for it, doe Ordaine and make this my last will & Testament in manner & forme followinge

Fyrst I bequeath my soule to Allmightie God the maker of mee & all mankind & my Bodie to be buryed in the Churchyarde of Statherne aforesaide

In primis I give unto John Boore the Sonne of Henry Boore one sheepe hogge

Item I give unto Ellyn Wyllson my Goddaughter Twelve pence

Item I give unto Bridgett Yearwodd my Goddaughter sixe pence

Item I give unto Joane Cooke welbeloved wife Two parts of all my Goods moveables and unmoveables whatsoever and the other beinge the Thirde parte I give unto Gabriell my sonne

Also I give unto Joane my wife the estate & Lease of my howse so longe during as she shall keepe her widowe But & if she shall chance to marry then my will & minde is that Gabriell my sonne shall have it

The Rest of my Goods unbequeathed my Debts beinge paide of […] my funerall & Legacies Discharged I give them in manner & forme abovesaid unto Joane my Wife and Gabriell my sonne whome I doe appoint to be my full & lawfull Executor & Executix of this my last will & Testament And I would desyre Henry Boore my brother & Thomas Towers to be Superivsors […] for their paines I doe give unto either of them six pence

In Wytnesse hereof to this my last will and testament I have set my hande & put to my mark in the presence of them that are witnesses

                                                                                                         By me Thomas Cooke his marke


Richard Rowse his marke

Thomas Yearwodd his marke

John Bakon his marke

John Whittle his marke

The Debts that I Thomas Cooke doe owe & to whome

In primis To my Brother Deepyn

Ite to Thomas Yearwodd

Ite to Another


A Trewe Inventorie of all the Goods cattells & Chattells Moveables & unmoveables of one Thomas Cooke of Stathorne Tayler latelie diseased in the yeare of our Lord God 1597 Ao Reni Regina … Elizabeth dei gracia Anglia France et Hibirnie Regina fidei Defensor &c et Tricessimo nono

Im primis  
His purse & his Apparell xxs
Item the Lease of the howse xxs
Ite ii Beddsteads two matteresses three Coverletts ii pillowes & one blanckett xxxs
Ite sixe Chushings xviiid
Ite ii paire of flaxe sheetes xiiis iiiid
Ite four more paire of harden sheetes & ii paire of … of hempe sheetes xxxiiis
Ite fowre Boorde Clothes ii flaxen one of midline & the fourth of harden ixs vid
Ite three pillowe beres one towel & fyve napkyns vis
Ite one Cownter table fowre Arcks & one forme in the parlor xxs vid
Ite painted Clothes in the parlor & in the haule viis
Ite Skepts Scuttles with other things in the Chamber xs
Ite one Cubberde iii Candlesticks with pewter & one Chafen Dishe xxxs
Ite 3 Brasse potts & pans xls
Ite iii Bords one forme ii cheares iii stooles & one wodden plancke vis
Item one … or dishe … with other things in the howse xiis
Ite three kyne & ii heafers ix li
Ite sheepe iiii li 5s 4d
Item 4 hives xiiis iiiid
Ite two swine … xiiis iiiid
Ite fowre fence fleaks with pales gates & Doores that maye be removed xxs
Ite one Aker of Barelie & three Roods of pease xls
Ite one fyer Iron one fier Gallowes & recinge two hatchets & a spit iiiis
Ite iii hennes & a cocke xxd

Praysed by Richard Rowse his marke

John Wright his marke

Thomas Yearwodd his marke

John Bakon his marke

Thomas Towers is marke

Summ total xxx li vis vid

Probate 17 June 1597