Conyers Ann 1929 of Old Dalby Administration

Ann Conyers of Old Dalby 1929 Administration

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, DE 2211/1

Be it known that Ann Conyers of Old Dalby in the County of Leicester Widow formerly of Sibsey in the County of Lincoln who died on the 16th day of June 1929 at the Poor Law Infirmary Melton Mowbray in the said County of Leicester made and duly executed her last Will and Testament and did not therein name any Executor.

And be it further known that at the date hereunder written Letters of Administration with the Will of all the estate which by law devolved to and vests in the personal representative of the said Ann Conyers deceased were granted by His Majesty’s High Court of Justice at the District Probate Registry thereof at Leicester to George Dixon Conyers of Old Dalby aforesaid Waggoner the lawful and only child of the said deceased and one of the residuary legatees and devisees named in the said Will.

Dated the 21 day of October 1929

Gross Value of Estate £114.15.0


John William Rose, Licensed Victualler and Simon Day Tyler Retired Ironstone Worker both of Old Dalby aforesaid