Collishaw Richard 1608 of Redmile Will

Richard Collishaw of Redmile 1608 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/229

There are two copies of this will, the original being partly torn but almost intact and readable whereas the probate copy has failed to include several lines from the original

In the name of god Amen I Richard Collishawe of Redmell in the Countie of Leic yeoman being sicke in bodie but whole in minde and of a good and perfect remembrance I praise god for it do make and ordeyne this my last will and testament upon the viiith day of August 1607 in maner and forme as followeth

First I bequeath my soule to the almightie god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the church of Redmell

Itm I give for my headstone vis viiid

Itm I give to the poore of the towne to be distributed amongst them xxs

Itm I give to Elizabeth Marshall six ewes and six Lames

Also I Give to Agnis Marshall two ewes and two Lams

Itm I Give to Richard Marshall there Brother tow ewes and two Lams

Itm I Give to Elizabeth Bend sixe ewes and six Lames and six weathers and one Cowe Calf about a yeare old

Itm I give to Margarett my wife half my houshold stuffe and thother half to my eldest sonne

Also my will is that my wiffe shall have howse roome with free libertie therin and also her tabling as they have themselves during her tyme of her widowhood

Also I give to my wife v li in money yearlie the half to be paid at Whitsone day and thother half at Martinmas and one acre of barley to be sowne and brought home yearlie by Willim Collyshawe his Cost and charge as he doth is owne being not of the best nor of the worst to use at her discretion

Also my will is that my soone Willim Collishawe shall give unto his mother or to her assignes at her discease two kyne and ten sheepe and one heiffer with other things before menconed neither the best nor the worst but at the discrecon of my Supervisors

Also my will is that my sonne Willim shall dalie performe all theise legacies unto his mother and others yf not Then my wife to enter distraine and take away these things wich is given her by her said husbands will and moreover to have xxx li allowed her yearlie for her boarde to use at her pleasure

Itm I give to Sara my daughter fourtie shillinges

Itm I give to Ales Bend vi li xiiis iiiid

Itm I give to my sonne Willim Collishawe the whole interest of my lease and all my horses oxen kyne & sheepe with other moveables and unmoveables in the yard

Itm I give and bequeath to Richard Collishawe my youngest sonne threescore pounds in readie silver to be paid him within one whole yeare after my discease

Also my will is and I do earnestlie desire my Cousin Mr William Berrie and Maister Ralphe Clarke his maister to be as Gardeners [guardians] for him and to put forthe his parte to the best use they can till his prentishippe be expired

And if it please god that the said Richard shall depart out of this world without wife or any issue lawfully begotten of his bodie Then his said parte to remayne backe to his brother and sisters or their children with the use thereof

Itm I give to everie one of my servants xiid a peice

Itm I give to John Cam fowre ewes and fowre lams

Also my will is that theis legacies which I have given forth shalbe paid within one monthe after my discease

The rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable I give to my sonne Willim Collishawe whom I do make and ordaine my full executor

And I do make Henrie Bend and Willm Marshall my Supervisors to see this my last will and testament well and trewlie performed whereof for their paines I give to either of them xxs a peice

                                                                                                                Per me: Richard Collishawe

Teste Henry Bend

Probate 23 March 1607/8


The very right hand side of this inventory is obliterated by the tape which is securing it in its binder

A Inventorie of all the goods moveable and unmoveable of Richard Collishaw of Redmell late deceased and praised by hands of Henry Bend Richard Greene Willm Handlie and others the xxxth of September 1607

Imprimis his Parsse and his apparelxi l xiii…
Itm in the house one table with a frame tow formes towe joyned stoules with 
other little stoules towe cheares and one Cubardexxvis …
Itm seven Cushings with a Carpet Cloathxi …
Itm sixe silver spownesxxx …
Itm xiiii peeces of pewter besides sixe wearing peeces foure salts foure Candlesticksxx …
Itm in the parler 3 feather beds 8 Coverlids vi boulsters 4 pillowes 8 Blanketsv …
Itm vii bedsteades one of them having Cartains and fringe belonginge to it
Itm fowre matteersesxxx …
Itm Linen sheits 4 paire 8 hempen sheites 5 paire of harden sheits 8 table napkins and 
3 boarde Cloathsiiii …
Itm one prasse with 4 Chestes one Counter tablexx …
Itm in the kichin 4 pottes 4 kettles one greate panniii l
Itm one lead with mashphat … phatxxs
Itm two … one pen one mouldinge boarde with other necessaries in the kichinvi …
Itm all the Irons belonging to the fire with spit and Cobbardesx …
Itm in the butterie 7 barrels one Cheise prase one Chirne and other necessariesxvs …
Itm one Saltinge troughvis
Itm in the Chamber 4 potts of butter iiii xx [ie 4 score] Cheses
Itm xiiii pownd of wooll 5 yarde of Cloathxxiis …
Itm one window Cloath 3 secks with … and …vis …
Itm one haire Cloathxs …
Itm x kinexv …
I tow hefers one steare … calvesiiii l …
Itm tow oxenvii …
Itm horses younge and oulde ninexx …
Itm sheipe in the feild iiii xx xii [ie 4 score and 7]viii l …
Itm one Carte with Cart gearesiii l xs
Itm tow weanesliiis iiiid
Itm plough and plough geares with … Coulters and sharesxls
Itm offell woode in the yarde with hovels pales & plough timber and oxaltresiii l
Itm a paire of Quernes and a shephatxxs
Itm the Cropp barleie and pease with wheate and rie and oatesxl l
Itm xxviii loade of heayevii l
Itm vi oulde swineiii l
Itm vi younge swinexviiis
Itm pullen in the yardexis
Itm 5 loades of Coallesxxxs
Itm 2 Cart ropesiiis
Itm haie in the Collie Cloase with Sheipe Crachesxxiiiis
Sum… iiis iiiid